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War out of sight, sacrifice out of mind - The Boston Globe


Apr 24, 2016 ... War out of sight, sacrifice out of mind ... end their dependence on foreign oil would enable Americans to “seize control again of our common destiny.” ... These days, American culture posits a minimalist definition of citizenship.

Brainpower: Mindsight and Emotional Intelligence in Leadership ...


Explain the brain states behind out-of-control emotions; Describe five competencies for self- ... performance; Guide their organization toward a Mindsight culture ... Center and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

Dr. Dan Siegel - Resources - Healthy Mind Platter


Seven daily essential mental activities to optimize brain matter and create well- being ... natural world around us, we activate and reinforce the brain's relational circuitry. ... One way to use the platter idea is to map out an average day and see what ... environment—both natural and cultural—these seven essential times help ...

Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation by Daniel J ...


Mindsight allows you to make positive changes in your brain–and in your life. ..... To quote, "Mindsight is a kind of focused attention that allows us to see the internal ..... with deep, life-controlling issues getting to normalcy through his techniques. .... tuning out during the sections of the book that were on this topic excl...

It's Time to End 'Rape Culture' Hysteria | TIME


Mar 20, 2014 ... Twenty-first century America does not have a rape culture; what we have is an out-of-control lobby leading the ... its power to poison the minds of young women and lead to hostile environments for innocent males is immense. ... not to lose sight of a simple fact: Rape is caused not by cultural factors but by ...

Out of sight, out of mind | The Economist


Oct 13, 2012 ... Working from home. Out of sight, out of mind ... A culture of presenteeism hurts working mothers most. ..... Democracy in America | 41 mins ago.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Huffington Post


Nov 15, 2015 ... As American society nears a demographic tipping point whereby whites are no longer the majority, a culture built upon a straight white patriarchy is faci... ... The local (white-controlled) school district would contribute another ...

Introduction to Mindfulness and Mindsight – GratefullyDyed


Mar 14, 2016 ... ... do absorb different teachings from each culture and integrate it to my everyday life. ... "Mindsight is a kind of focused attention that allows us to see the internal ... enables us to get ourselves off the autopilot of ingrained behaviors and ... to realize and acknowledge an emotion without being controlled b...

Hiding in plain sight | Hidden Persuaders


Jun 29, 2015 ... This was an age in which culture, film and indeed certain academic disciplines ... DP An enterprising American journalist, Edward Hunter coined the word .... Fictions of mind control took off from rumours and reports of actual ...

The Coddling of the American Mind - The Atlantic


Something strange is happening at America's colleges and universities. .... Jonathan Haidt is a social psychologist who studies the American culture wars. ... words can be forms of violence that require strict control by campus authorities, who are ..... The psychiatrist Sarah Roff pointed this out last year in an online article fo...

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War Out of Sight, Sacrifice Out of Mind | Common Dreams | Breaking ...


Apr 24, 2016 ... Making the sacrifices needed to end their dependence on foreign oil would enable Americans to “seize control again of our common destiny.”.

The Need for a Sense of Control - Changing Minds


When we feel out of control, we experience a powerful and uncomfortable tension between the need for ... Our deep subconscious mind thus gives us strong biochemical prods when we face some kind of danger .... Mindsight, Oxford: Oneworld ... Brain stuff * Conditioning * Coping Mechanisms * Critical Theory * Culture

OUT OF SIGHT, STILL IN MIND: visually impaired women's ...


Out of Sight, Still in Mind: visually impaired women's embodied accounts of ideal ... control (Dion et al., 1972; Featherstone, 2010; Glassner, 1989; Hamermesh, .... us that personal experiences of disability are inherently connected to cultural ...