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Guantanamo Bay Naval Base


Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, also known as Naval Station Guantanamo Bay or NSGB is a ... Since 2002, the naval base has contained a military prison, the Guantanamo .... a promise by Cuba to lease to t...

The FTCA's Independent Contractor Minefield | The American ...


The specific facts before the Logue Court involved a federal prisoner housed in a .... 3. But see Miller v. United States, 1990 No. 90 C 1766, 1990 WL 179810 (N.D. Ill. ... Lawyers of America (ATLA®)) 2005 Annual Convention, Toronto, Canada.

Meet G4S, the Contractors Who Go Where Governments and Armies ...


From there he came here to South Sudan to do minefield mapping and ... Booyse arrived at Souk Sita at 3:30 P.M., five hours after the explosion. .... but in the United States alone security guards may now number two million, ... In the early 1990s, while pioneering the private-prison business and prisoner-escort services in ...

The Treatment of Detainees and the "Global War on Terror ...


and elsewhere:3 namely, once suspects in the "War on Terror" are captured, ... rent legal proceedings in both the United Kingdom and the United States ... come a veritable legal and moral minefield. .... consulates, vessels and aircraft and .. . a prison. ...... comldocumentsfHamdan%200rder.pd{; United States of America v.

ARTICLES - American University Washington College of Law


USA. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: THE DEATH PENALTY 3 (1987). [hereinafter ... Section. III explores Florida's counsel crisis and the reality of inmates facing imminent ... 3 in response to the Supreme Court's 1972 decision in Furman v. Geor- ...... two areas are a minefield for the unwary.

Standing and Delivering - The New York Times


Dec 12, 2012 ... The procedural minefield the Supreme Court has laid around two same-sex ... To start with what's clear about these questions: Article III, Section 2 is the ... The appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit was ... Court had agreed in September to hear the inmate's appeal, Millbrook v.

Persian Gulf War: U.S. Marines' Minefield Assault | HistoryNet


James M. 'Mike' Myatt, to infiltrate through the first minefield well before the start ... Corps, with two divisions from Europe and two from the United States. ..... As a result, Schwarzkopf ordered the U.S. Army's Seventh Corps to begin its assault by 3 ... taken 22,308 prisoners — at the cost of five killed and forty-eigh...

Supreme Court To Hear Holt V Hobbs - Business Insider


Sep 9, 2014 ... One of the next big Supreme Court cases involves prisoners' beards. ... ' Disruptive innovation' is coming to Latin America .... 9, 2014, 11:10 AM; 3,236; 3 ... The state corrections department that runs that prison filed a lengthy brief ... SEE ALSO: GINSBURG: Supreme Court Has 'Ventured Into A Minefield'...

Between a rock and a lawsuit | The Economist


Jun 22, 2013 ... A legal minefield for employers. ... State and federal laws bar some felons from certain jobs, such as airport ... Rehabilitating criminals is a bigger problem in America than in any other rich ... From the print edition: United States ..... 3The prime minister resigns: David Cameron quits Downing Street with a ...

Al-Skeini et al. v. United Kingdom - DigitalCommons@Pace


Oct 1, 2013 ... Unfortunately, the. United States and the United Kingdom have maintained that ... 3::12. The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (the Vienna ... 9 See Antoine Buyse, Legal Minefield - The Territorial Scope of the Euro- ..... and the United States of America to the United Nations addressed to the Pres-.

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Prison Incarceration and Religious Preference - Adherents.com


Link: Response to "Christians vs atheists in prison investigation" ... 3. A disproportionately high number of prisoners were not in any way ... (One of the best discussions of this phenomenon can be found in The Churching of America, 1776-1990, ... The actual proportion of atheists in the United States is about 0.5% (half of ...

"Minefield": The Harm, Misuse, and Expansion of the Supreme Court ...


Page 3 ... v. Burwell (Hobby Lobby) that allowed some employers to impose their religious beliefs on their employees.1 In a closely-divided ... prisoner in an Arkansas prison, was barred from growing a half-inch long .... decision, the United States Conference of Catholic ... America, Alliance Defending Freedom, USCCB and.

Searches and Seizures: Fourth Amendment and New Technologies


Sep 19, 2013 ... [3] Parties injured by an unlawful search or seizure can also bring a damages action against ... United States[9] that the interception of telephone communications not requiring a ... By contrast, the Court in United States v. ... to clear a minefield, the Court is likely to address new technologies deliberately, and ...