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The State Flower of Missouri is the Hawthorn (Crataegus).
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The following is a list of the officially designated symbols of the U.S. state of Missouri. ... Flower · Hawthorn (also known as "red haw" or "wild haw") Crataegus  ...


Crataegus punctata is a species of hawthorn known by the common names dotted hawthorn or white haw that is native to most of the eastern United States and eastern Canada. While some sources claim it is the state flower of Missouri, the actual ...


Missouri designated the white hawthorn blossom as the official state flower in 1923; Missouri is home to as many as 100 species of hawthorn.


Official state symbols, emblems, and icons of Missouri - places to see in Missouri - landmarks, parks, ... Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City ... State Flower.


The White Hawthorn Blossom was named the state flower of Missouri on March 16, 1923. These flowers are white and grow in bunches on hawthorn trees.


Dec 10, 2015 ... Discover the interesting history of Missouri's State Flower, The White Hawthorn Blossom. Learn of its origins, blooming cycle & why it was ...


On March 16, 1923, Governor Arthur M. Hyde signed a bill naming the white hawthorn blossom the official state floral emblem of Missouri. Known as the "red ...


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Facts about Missouri State Flower, the Hawthorn,interesting information about Missouri State Flower, pictures of Missouri State Flower and native flowers of ...