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Mistletoe is the common name for most obligate hemiparasitic plants in the order Santalales. ..... History.com. Retrieved July 8, 2015. Jump up ^ Beam, Christopher. "What's the deal with mi...

Why do we kiss under the mistletoe? - Ask History


Dec 24, 2013 ... Kissing under sprigs of mistletoe is a well-known holiday tradition, but this little plant's history as a symbolic herb dates back thousands...

Mistletoe: The Evolution of a Christmas Tradition | Science ...


Dec 21, 2011 ... Mistletoe would come to hang over our doors as a reminder to never ... tend to kiss under mistletoe—a history of gods, demons, luck and a little ...

Mistletoe -- Christmas Customs and Traditions -- whychristmas?com


How Mistletoe was first used at Christmas and why it is traditionally connected with Christmas. ... The History of Carols · Carol Stories · Nine Lessons and Carols .

History of Mistletoe: Why is it the kissing plant? - Bill Petro


Dec 15, 2015 ... HISTORY OF MISTLETOE. We've mentioned previously that mistletoe was prominent in the traditions of the Druids and the lore of northern ...

Kissing Under the Mistletoe - From Celts to Kisses - Landscaping


Fewer still know the convoluted history behind the tradition of smooching beneath a sprig of ... But what of the history of mistletoe pertaining to kissing under it?

Why We Kiss Under the Mistletoe - Today I Found Out


Dec 3, 2010 ... The mistletoe has been considered a prized plant throughout history going all the way back to the Ancient Greeks, Celts, the Babylonians, and ...

Why Do We Kiss Under The Mistletoe? | Mental Floss


Dec 19, 2012 ... By Chris Gayomali. The history of mistletoe, which can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, is long, strange, and full of contradictions. Certain ...

Pucker Up! Why Do People Kiss Under the Mistletoe? - LiveScience


Dec 21, 2010 ... Mistletoe is one of the many Christmas holiday traditions that, frankly, most people do not understand but play along with anyway.

Mistletoe - Mythology and Folklore - The White Goddess


Mistletoe, from the Old English misteltãn, is a parasitic plant that grows on various trees, particularly the apple tree, it is held in great veneration when found on ...

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Mistletoe its history, meaning and traditions - TheHolidaySpot


Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that is commonly used as a Christmas decoration. The Greeks and earlier peoples thought that it had mystical powers. Know the ...

Altogether Christmas Traditions: The History of Mistletoe relating to ...


Discover the history of Mistletoe and its relationship to the Christmas holiday.

What Does Mistletoe Have To Do With Christmas?


(Courtesy Illinois Natural History Survey) ... This may have been because the mistletoe plant grew on oak trees, which were revered by many early European ...