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Mixed Emotions, Depression Poem by Teens - Family Friend Poems

My life isn't easy to explain my problems aint half as bad as what they could be but I know that by writhing I can keep them from getting worse......, Depression ...

Mixed Emotions - Passions in Poetry

Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems - Mixed Emotions by Jamie Nelson. Maturity isn't always measured by age. And sometimes, two people of the same age ...

Mixed Emotions Poem by Jayne Davies - Poem Hunter

Oct 4, 2013 ... Mixed Emotions by Jayne Davies. .A heart is like a paper chain It breaks so easily A mind is like an ocean deep Its memories come for free ...

I'm Just a Girl with Mixed Emotions, a love poetry | FictionPress

Feb 11, 2010 ... I feel this way now, someone is trying to break my wall, and I don't like it, nor do I know what to do. I was wondering if this is good enough to ...

Mixed Emotions by Danielle Leclerc - Love Poems

Love Poems - Mixed Emotions by Danielle Leclerc. So we like each other, so what s the problem? Am I not pretty enough? Am I not skinny en...

Poems of Mixed Emotions, a love poetry | FictionPress

Oct 8, 2005 ... Poem of Mixed Emotions. She feels giddy and happy when he's near. But when he's gone, she feels sad and act likes he long lost and very ...

MIXED Emotions Turned INTO Poetry and Quotes etc. | Facebook

MIXED Emotions Turned INTO Poetry and Quotes etc. 694 likes. Hurt,Love, Friendship,Relationships etc.

Poem: Bottled Emotions

the pressure gets tighter and tighter mixed emotions swirling together... eventually blending into one in this see through container... cannot hide it from anyone

100 Best Teen Poems - Mixed Emotions by Jamie Nelson - 100 Poems

This poem is about the interaction between two people, drawn to each other by some type of attraction. There is flirting, but the girl wonders if it is only superficial,  ...

Popular Q&A
Q: I know this is really a mixed emotion poem, how do you feel about...
A: It works for me, but I do not know how others will react to it, owing to its harsh nature. Read More »
Q: Do you like this poem called "Mixed emotion Girl"?
A: aw that's sweet! let me guess the poem is written about you? if it is, it's really nice that you found what you were looking for in poetry...a couple years ago,... Read More »
Q: What is a poem expressing emotions?
A: A poem that expresses emotion is a feelings poem. This type of poem is also referred to as emotional poetry. The author expresses feelings and emotions in their... Read More »
Q: How to Write an Emotionally Charged Poem
A: 1 Take a moment and scan your memories for one of your life's truly memorable moments. What constitutes as "memorable" is simply any experience from your past t... Read More »
Q: What type of emotions rhyme with in a poem?
A: i feel like I'm going to cry. I'm really going to try. to not eat this pie. Because then ill die. Read More »