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A mixture is a something that is made up of two more more substances that are mixed together, but not chemically combined.
Examples of mixtures include salt water, trail mix and concrete.

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In chemistry, a mixture is a material system made up of two or more different substances which are mixed but are not combined chemically. A mixture refers to  ...

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a product of mixing. 2. any combination or blend of different elements, kinds, qualities, etc.: a mixture of good and bad traits. 3. Chemistry, Physics. an aggregate ...

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Mixture Basics. Mixtures are absolutely everywhere you look. Most things in nature are mixtures. Look at rocks, the ocean, or even the atmosphere. They are all ...

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Note that an element: consists of only one kind of atom,; cannot be broken down into a simpler type of matter by either physical or chemical means, and; can ...

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What are atoms, elements,<br>compounds and mixtures? ... A mixture is a substance made by combining two or more different materials in such a way that no ...

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Define mixture: something made by combining two or more ingredients — mixture in a sentence.

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Mixtures are formed by just mixing or "intermingling" (another word which means the same as "mixing") together two or more substances. Those substances may ...

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mixture meaning, definition, what is mixture: a substance made from a combination of different substances, or any combination of…. Learn more.

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A mixture is, simply, the product of mixing. Sometimes, like in the case of ice cream with fudge, a mixture can turn out delicious. At other times, though, like with ...