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In mathematics, the mode is the value in a set of data that appears the most.


The mode of a set of data values is the value that appears most often. The mode of a discrete probability distribution is the value x at which its probability mass ...


Mode. The number which appears most often in a set of numbers. Example: in {6, 3, 9, 6, 6, 5, 9, 3} the Mode is 6 (it occurs most often). See: Median.


Mode is a data analysis platform that combines a powerful, web-based SQL editor with charting and sharing tools. Connect your database and run, save, and  ...


Mode definition, a manner of acting or doing; method; way: modern modes of transportation. See more.


Define mode: an arrangement of the eight diatonic notes or tones of an octave according to one of several fixed schemes of their … — mode in a sentence.


mode meaning, definition, what is mode: a way of operating, living, or behaving: . Learn more.


The mode of a set of data is presented in this interactive lesson. Learn about mode at Math Goodies.


Here we give you a set of numbers and then ask you to find the mean, median, and mode. It's your first opportunity to practice with us!


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