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Modernism is a philosophical movement that, along with cultural trends and changes, arose .... Glass and iron were used in a similar monumental style in the construction of major railway terminals i...

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traditional ... Modernist literature worked in opposition to styles? ... William James and Henri Bergson inspired Modernist writers to take a more approach to how ...

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In Part 2, the focus will shift to discussions of works of Modern literature that are .... some previous formulations of the High/Low opposition, from which the Modernist version evolved. .... Kitsch changes according to style, but remains always the same. ... The actual oral storyteller, whether epic or more humble, worked with ....

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May 7, 2015 ... German literature comprises the written works of the ... German Modernism emerged from turn-of-the-century Aestheticism. ... gave rise to a highly symbolic style of writing that makes his works resistant to any single interpretive key. .... He expresses his opposition by means of his toy drum as well as by his ...

6: Renaissance and Early Modern Philosophy


Jan 7, 2012 ... It set a new direction for art, architecture, music, literature, scientific discovery, ... stage that follows on the heels of the Renaissance is called the modern period. ..... That, and its other anti-religious recommendations, may have worked fine in ... Rejecting the writing style of technical and scholarly treatises,...

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Modern writers find that they begin to work at a moment when the culture is marked by ... But modernism does not establish a prevalent style of its own; or if it does, ... Schoenberg—have apparently worked on the tacit assumption that it is true. ..... The avant garde is thereby no longer allowed the integrity of opposition or the ...

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Concepts and Styles .... Under this name a group of young artists and writers has formed with the object of becoming a center ..... The Modern Sculpture Timeline

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In the world of literature and art, the Beats stood in opposition to the clean, almost antiseptic formalism of the early twentieth century Modernists. ... Underground music styles like jazz were especially evocative for Beat writers, while ... A son of immigrants, Ferlinghetti was a Navy veteran who worked with resistance ...

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The contrast between Tagore's commanding presence in Bengali literature and .... the English philanthropist and social reformer who had worked closely with him on ... included some of Tagore's early poems in The Oxford Book of Modern Verse, which .... Rabindranath's passion for freedom underlies his firm opposition to ...

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special section, "Modern Theories of Literature and Criticism," have now ... vant to the analysis of style, the particular entries that define and exemplify the types of figurative .... In opposition to the dominance of scientific thinking, and in defiance of the widespread ..... and "worked [that is, ornamented] all over...

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Civilization is stuck. ... Modernist literature worked in opposition to styles? traditional ... What is a way that modernist literature experimented with form? Type your ...

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This Encyclopedia Britannica list explores ten Modernist art movements, including ... one art form, but in fact was embraced by sculptors, architects, painters, and writers. ... As Soviet opposition to their movement increased, many Constructivists fled from ... They, like Suprematists, worked mainly in an abstract style and with ...

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fundamental truth at stake here: realism is not one style among others, it is the basis ... least extreme—components of modernist literature (for instance, the problem of ... The motives of the modernists' opposition to Stalinist dogma- tism's rejection ..... artistic modes is worked out with remarkable impartiality. Camus does...