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Distinction between Externally vs. Internally Guided Decision ... - NCBI


Mar 5, 2012 ... As the manipulation of low-predictability, Hsu et al. ... et al., 2006; Callan et al., 2009; Mohr et al., 2010a), lateral prefrontal cortex (LPFC; Volz et al., ..... within a kernel around (typically 10 mm of) each voxel (Kober et al., 2008).

Neural correlates of HIV risk feelings


Jun 30, 2014 ... but may also be observed in implicit conditions (Schmälzle et al., 2012). ... when the frequency of low- vs high-risk stimuli entering fMRI model estimation .... observed in studies of emotional stimulus processing (Kober et al., ... knew the probability of each outcome (see meta-analysis by Mohr et al., 2010).

Physiological Responses and Physical Performance during Football ...


Jun 19, 2012 ... In HOT there was a higher success rate for all passes (73.8±1.2 vs. ..... Mohr M, Mujika I, Santisteban J, Randers MB, Bischoff R, et al. (2010) ...

Influence of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and ventral ... - Tor D. Wager


Feb 16, 2015 ... was mediated by decreased VST activity (Kober et al., 2010). In other words, the .... on the relationship between group (SDI vs. control) and risk avoidance .... in risk avoidance (Fecteau et al., 2007; Hare et al., 2009; Mohr et al.

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Mar 2, 2015 ... and Mohr 2012] have shown that a nonassociated flow rule is not ... behavior of shape memory alloys, but more recently Saleeb et al. .... Bardenhagen and Kober 2004], which is also used in the simulations presented in this paper. ..... v t and P ∗ t to be zero would result in a regular, associated flow rule.

Informatic parcellation of the network involved in ... - Rangel - Caltech


Oct 2, 2014 ... et al., 2009; Kober and Wager, 2010; Eickhoff et al., 2012). The ... contrasts to compute the ALE score for each voxel v. This is done by.

References in Recommendations for Evaluation of Prosthetic Valves ...


9Gammie, J.S., Brown, J.W., Brown, J.M. et al, Aortic valve bypass for the high- risk patient with ... 14Walther, T., Autschbach, R., Falk, V. et al, The stentless Toronto SPV ..... 115Kober, G., Hilgermann, R. Catheter entrapment in a Bjork- Shiley ... 128Kupferwasser, I., Mohr-Kahaly, S., Erbel, R. et al, Improved assessment of .....

Emotional self-control and dysregulation: A dual-process analysis of ...


Jun 1, 2016 ... ... how emotional regulation contributes to vulnerability versus resilience to ... individuals with drug use disorders (Ersche et al., 2013 and Kober, 2014). ... relation between negative affect and drinking (see Mohr et al., 2010).

Mycorrhizal Colonization of Grapevine Rootstocks ... - USDA ARS


by AM fungi in various grapevine cultivars (Biricolti et al. 1997 ... among Kober 5BB, Richter 110, and 41B or among Riparia. Gloire, Kober 5BB .... and E as defined by Mohr [1996]). ... by the following treatment: incubated at 90°C in 5% (w /v).

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Martin Mohr, Swine Vet Center, St. Peter, MN. Value Enhanced Corn for ..... Robert V Knox, PhD; Kilby Willenburg; Gina Miller; et.al. Efficiency of pregnancy ...

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Medial frontal cortex and anterior insula are less sensitive to ... - NCBI


Sep 26, 2013 ... Data were then realigned using MCFLIRT (Jenkinson et al., 2002) and ... 75%, 62.5% and 50%, mean-centered) and magnitude (low vs high, mean-centered) was used as a categorical variable. ..... including emotion (Kober et al., 2008), interoception (Critchley et al., .... Mohr PN, Biele G, Heekeren HR.

Using Neural Measures to Predict Real-World Outcomes


Nyberg, 2000; Kober et al., 2008; Lieberman, 2010; Montague & Berns, 2002) can be leveraged to ... responsiveness to clinical treatments (e.g., Mohr & Mohr, 2001). ..... Tan LH, Chen L, Yip V, Chan AH, Yang J, Gao JH, Siok WT. Activity ...

Berkman & Falk, 2013 - Social & Affective Neuroscience Laboratory


process and brain function (Cabeza & Nyberg, 2000; Kober et al., 2008; Lieberman, 2010; Montague & Berns, 2002) can be leveraged to predict ... siveness to clinical treatments (e.g., Mohr & Mohr, 2001). The brain-as-predictor approach ..... Tan, L. H., Chen, L., Yip, V., Chan, A. H., Yang, J., Gao, J. H., &. Siok , W. T....