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Mold health issues

edit]. Infants may develop respiratory symptoms as a result of exposure to a specific type of fungal mold, called ...

Mold Exposure: Get Facts About Symptoms and Treatment

Stachybotrys chartarum (black mold) produces mycotoxins that may cause respiratory ... Allergic reactions to mold are the most common health effects of mold.

Indoor Mold And Effects on Health - National Capital Poison Center mold.htm

On the positive side, molds are also responsible for penicillin and blue cheese; yeasts are fungi (plural of fungus) used to make bread, beer, and wine; and some  ...

Mold in Your Home May Be Making You Ill - Mercola

Sep 10, 2011 ... Provocation neutralization (PN) offers allergy sufferers permanent relief with virtually no side effects, whether the allergy is to mold or something ...

Indoor Mold: Absorption

Molds have the potential to cause harmful side effects to humans. Before they can cause such side effects, they must first enter the human body and then be ...

CDC - Mold - General Information - Basic Facts

May 22, 2014 ... CDC Mold Web site provides information on mold and health, an inventory of state indoor air quality programs, advice on assessment, cleanup ...

CDC - Mold - General Information - Facts About Mold and Dampness

Jun 17, 2014 ... Exposure to damp and moldy environments may cause a variety of health effects, or none at all. Some people are sensitive to molds. For these ...

Black Mold Symptoms and Health Effects | Home Remodeling ...

Uncover the symptoms and health effects of black mold exposure and black mold poisoning, with help from

Black Mold Symptoms & Health Effects, Toxic Stachybotrys

The symptoms in humans of exposure to toxic black mold (Stachybotrys) & its mycotoxins. Also allergic symptoms & health effects caused by all molds.

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Q: What are the side effects of mold?
A: Mold side effects, including asthma, nasal congestion, fatigue, headaches and Read More »
Q: Toddler Food Mold Ingestion Side Effects.
A: Features. Mold, a type of fungi, grows on food items. In many cases, the mold invades a large area around the actual visible mold. Mold usually appears as a dar... Read More »
Q: What are the side effects of eating mold?
A: Not really anything, depending on the type of mold though. It just tastes really nasty. Read More »
Q: What are the side effects of black mold?
A: death. Read More »
Q: What is the side effect for consuming mold?
A: Certain people have minor allergic reactions to the non-toxic mold, but Read More »