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Many house rules have emerged for the game since its creation. ... versions of Monopoly have options where popular house rules ...

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MONOPOLY game, refer to the Classic Rules beginning on the next page. If you already know how to play and want to use the Speed Die, just read the section ...

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Each player thus begins the game with $1500. The Bank begins the game with 32 houses and 12 hotels. It never runs out of money; if it runs out of bills, players  ...

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(1) Your token lands on the space marked "Go to Jail", ... (3) Purchasing the "Get Out of Jail Free Card" from another player and playing it.

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Source: Monopoly Junior (2013) official rules ... Jail the player may use a Get Out of Jail Free card or pay 1 Monopoly money to the bank at ...

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Note: Monopoly Get Out Of Jail: The Jail-Jumping Game allows for an alternative ... The rules state you are required to pay the $50, the card must be used before ...

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Parker Brothers did re-write the rules for added clarity and change the board to the modern square shape, and eventually also added Monopoly mascot Mr.

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Monopoly Official Rules These are the rules used at tournaments. They are printed on the sheet inside a Monopoly box. They do not include popular variations ...

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Understanding the rules of Monopoly is essential to winning this board game. These Monopoly rules have been simplified to help you understand.