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Rigour (British English) or rigor describes a condition of stiffness or strictness. Rigour frequently ... book Theologia Moralis Inter Rigorem et Laxitatem Medi roughly translates as "mediating theological morality between rigour and laxness ".


'Moral rigor' is a dated term that refers to being moral or ethical in a thorough, exhaustive, philosophically consistent manner. It is more or less the opposite of ...


Rigor definition, strictness, severity, or harshness, as in dealing with people. See more.


SEE ALL. BROWSE DICTIONARY. rigling · rigmaree · rigmarole · rigolet · rigor · Test Your Vocabulary. Merriam-Webster's New Words Quiz—Fall 2017 Edition!


... Rigor caloris · rigor complexes · rigor complexes · rigor complexes · rigor complexes · rigor mortis · rigor mortis · rigor mortis · rigor mortis · rigor mortis · rigorism ...


You mean rigmorale -- which is a succession of rambling discourse or a succession of tiresome duties.


I believe you're actually referring to the word rigmarole (this is a perfectly understandable mistake, I made it myself when I first heard the word.


Jul 14, 2011 ... In a speech last fall, outgoing president of the Atlantic Philanthropies Gara LaMarche spoke about "reclaiming the moral life of philanthropy".


Mar 8, 2004 ... To tell the truth, I feel that, in the interest of moral rigor, it is necessary for us to go a step further, which is why I would like to propose a ...