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Fatigue (medical)


Fatigue is a subjective feeling of tiredness which is distinct from weakness, and ... stress, overstimulation and understimulation, jet lag or active recreation, depression, and also boredom, diseas...

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Fatigue: Symptom — Overview covers definition and possible causes of fatigue, such as fibromyalgia and sleep apnea.

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If you have chronic fatigue,, or systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID), you may wake in the morning feeling as though you've not slept. Or you may be ...

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Sep 28, 2015 ... Learn about some of the reasons why you might be feeling tired or fatigued. We look at the possible causes, symptoms and treatment options.

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Aug 5, 2016 ... Quick GuideThe 14 Most Common Causes of Fatigue. The 14 Most Common Causes ... Fatigue is a common side effect of many medications.

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Mar 11, 2015 ... The causes of fatigue can be classified under several broad disease entities or lifestyle problems that have fatigue as an associated symptom.

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Conditions that sometimes co-exist with lupus such as obesity, diabetes, thyroid disease and fibromyalgia can also be associated with fatigue. Lupus itself can ...

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Find out the top 10 health conditions that are important causes of fatigue, including depression, coeliac disease, anaemia and diabetes.

7 Reasons You're Tired All The Time | Prevention


Dec 30, 2014 ... "If you're still feeling the symptoms of fatigue after those changes, then you need ... The tests: Thyroid disease can be detected with a blood test.

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Jul 6, 2011 ... Feeling tired? If so, it's not surprising. Fatigue is one of the most common problems people report to their doctors. The Health and Retirement ...

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Oct 27, 2015 ... WebMD explains conditions that might cause you to feel sluggish during ... sleep apnea, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and menopause.

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Sep 5, 2009 ... Though the symptoms are less severe than in Addison's disease, symptoms of adrenal fatigue can be debilitating. As Wilson writes:.

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Fatigue is a term used to to describe the general overall feeling of tiredness and/ or ... The most common cause of water loss from the body is excessive sweating.