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Jan 1, 2015 ... Watched it for the first time while tripping and it blew me away ... I don't like to watch movies while peaking, its just way too much to take it and ...

IMDb: best movies / tv shows to watch while tripping - a list by ...


best movies / tv shows to watch while tripping. by codymalakoff created 03 May 2013 | last updated - 6 months ago. movies and tv shows are in no particular ...

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Apr 2, 2016 ... Today i'm doing a video with 10 of the best movies to watch high or tripping! I wanted to make this list ... Watch While High 499,853 views. 8:01.

Best Movies to Watch on Mushrooms | List of Films to Watch High on ...


The movies on this list are the absolute best films to watch while on 'shrooms, voted on by people who would know. As you can see, this is a pretty different list  ...

Best Drug Trips in Movies: Alice in Wonderland, Easy Rider and ...


Jul 11, 2013 ... Watch Thor Explain 'Civil War' Absence in Hilarious. ... 10 Best Movie Drug Trips ... While a bit of the bubbly may not be your run of the mill hallucinogen, ... and their eerie theme song – are the definition of tripping, 1941-style.

Best Psychedelic Videos to Watch While Tripping (Video) - Third Monk


Best Psychedelic Videos to Watch While Tripping (Video) | Third Monk image 4 ... A clip from the movie Renegade (aka Blueberry) in which the main character ...

Movies to watch on psychedelics. - Psychonaut


Can anyone drop some titles of movies that are a must top watch on ... Speedracer is a good one while tripping, al those amazing colors. That is ...

Movies to trip/smoke/drink to! - Movies List on MUBI


Your first option would be to throw on some music, which is always a good choice . ... you want to throw on a film to amaze all of the spectators who are tripping balls. ... to die down everyone wants to chill for a bit while still enjoying their buzz.

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Trainspotting - All Drugs - It's not pretty. You don't want a baby trying to crawl on your face and ... I've seen some horrible movies on acid. These movies may be fine while sober, but the tripping state is too open and vulnerable for these films.

The 10 Most Insane LSD Movies of All Time - PAPERMAG


Aug 27, 2015 ... I used to delight in watching audiences filing out of a screening of ... But when Fonda starts tripping his brains out he runs from the house and goes into ... while freaked out on LSD and hacks them up with a meat cleaver.

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Movies to watch whilst tripping? - The Psychedelic Experience ...


What is the best movies to watch while tripping? This can be further broken down by what drug your tripping on. What is the best movies to watch tripping on ...

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Aug 2, 2003 ... Im surprised nobody has mentioned "Oliver Stone's The Doors", oh man like Do_Japan said it's "made just for these purposes". Killer movie ...

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It is the only place in PD meant for discussing movies that are either quite psychedelic to begin with or just ideal to watch while tripping