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Mumin (Arabic: مؤمن ) is an Arabic Islamic term, frequently referenced in the Quran, meaning "believer",. It denotes a person who has complete submission to the ...

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The One who faithfully bestows the gifts of peace, safety and security. The One who grants freedom from fear. The One who illuminates the heart with faith.

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May 27, 2010 ... Mu'min, The Remover of Fear, The Giver of Tranquility, 6 .... al-Hafeeth, al-Hafith, al-Muqit, al-Muqeet, al-Hasib, al-Haseeb, al-Jalil, al-Jaleel, ...

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... 6. al-Mu'min (the Granter of security), 7. al-Muhaimin (the Guardian over all), ... al-Muqit (the Controller of all things), 32. al-Hasib (the Inflicter of retribution), ...

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Oct 25, 2014 ... 6, Al-Mu'min, The Guarantor, The Self Affirming, The Granter of Security, The Affirmer of Truth ... 40, Al-Hasib, The Reckoner, 4:6, 4:86, 33:39.

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"Al-Haseeb" ..... Allah has described Himself as al-Mu'min: ... "Al-Mu'min" means: the One to Whom peace and security are rendered: He provides the means of ...

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Al-Mu'min (The Granter of Security)If you recite this name of Allah 630 times in .... Al-Haseeb (The Reckoner)If you fear any human being or any thing, recite ...

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The latest Tweets from Kafila Abdul Mumin (@hajiakemi1) ... Embed Tweet. Kafila Abdul Mumin Retweeted · Hasib @ahasnoor Nov 28. Hasib Retweeted Hasib.

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Mar 15, 2012 ... Al-Mu'min, Al-Muhaimin, Al-'Azeez & Al-Jabbaar ... 40 Al-Muqit المقيت The Nourisher 41 Al-Hasib الحسيب The Accounter 42 Al-Jalil الجليل The ...

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... The Peace Al Mu'min The One with Faith Al Muhaymin The Protector Al 'Aziz ... Al Hafiz The Guardian Al Muqit The Nourisher Al Hasib The Reckoner Al Jalil ...