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Jan 10, 2017 ... Fletcher et al., 2015; Mueller and Germain, 2009). LNs are encap- ... duce and ensheath collagen-rich reticular fibers and construct a conduit ...

Empirical treatment of neonatal sepsis: are the current guidelines ...


Jun 28, 2010 ... Muller-Pebody B(1), Johnson AP, Heath PT, Gilbert RE, Henderson KL, Sharland M; iCAP Group (Improving Antibiotic Prescribing in Primary ...

Tissue-Resident T Cells: Dynamic Players in Skin Immunity - NCBI


Jul 16, 2014 ... Allan RS, Smith CM, Belz GT, van Lint AL, Wakim LM, Heath WR, et al. Epidermal ... Chow Z, Mueller SN, Deane JA, Hickey MJ. Dermal ... Masopust D, Choo D, Vezys V, Wherry EJ, Duraiswamy J, Akondy R, et al. Dynamic T ...

The developmental pathway for CD103 + CD8 + tissue ... - Nature


Gebhardt, T., Mueller, S.N., Heath, W.R. & Carbone, F.R. Peripheral tissue surveillance and residency by memory T cells. Trends Immunol. ... Mackay, L.K. et al.

Tumor-specific T cells in human Merkel cell carcinomas: a possible ...


Feb 18, 2013 ... PD-1 is upregulated on T cells in malignant melanoma (Blank et al., 2006; .... [ PubMed]; Foulongne V, Kluger N, Dereure O, Brieu N, Guillot B, Segondy M. ... [ PubMed]; Heath M, Jaimes N, Lemos B, Mostaghimi A, Wang LC, Penas PF, et al. ... [PMC free article] [PubMed]; Mueller K, Schweier O, Pircher H.

The type III secretion system tip complex and translocon - Mueller ...


Apr 8, 2008 ... Five major families of T3SS can be distinguished (Pallen et al., 2005; Troisfontaines ... The analysis of chimeric V-antigens constructed of LcrV and PcrV or LcrV and ... proteins forms part of the Yersinia tip complex (Mueller et al., 2005). ..... in animal models (Williamson et al., 1995; 1997; Heath et al., 1998).

Education and Unemployment Risks among Market Entrants ...


1994; Bynner and Roberts 1991; Evans and Heinz 1994; Franz et al. 2000; Goux and Maurin 1998; Heath and Cheung 1998; Helberger et al. 1994; Müller et al.

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Dec 3, 2012 ... Francis R. Carbone, and William R. Heath .... 138. Mueller et al. ...... Masopust D, Choo D, Vezys V, Wherry EJ, Duraiswamy J, et al. 2010.

Figuring Fact from Fiction: Unbiased Polling of Memory T Cells


May 7, 2015 ... In this issue, Steinert et al. demonstrate that what was believed to be ... migratory behavior (Mueller et al., 2013 and Sallusto et al., 1999). .... J.J. Taylor, L. Qunaj, T.S. Griffith, V. Vezys, D.L. Barber, D. Masopust ... A.T. Stock, J.Z. Ma, C.M. Jones, S.J. Kent, S.N. Mueller, W.R. Heath, F.R. Carbone, T. Gebhardt...

Field-Based Age Estimation of Juvenile ... - Aquatic Mammals


age individuals (McMahon et al., 1999; Bradshaw et al. ... cable in field conditions (Heath et al., 1997; Gales ... 1990; Trillmich & Dellinger, 1991; Mueller et al.,.