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Multiple choice - Wikipedia


Multiple choice is a form of an objective assessment in which respondents are asked to select .... All exams scored with the three-parameter model of item response theory also account for guessing. ...

A Student Guide to Multiple Choice Exams


Studying for a multiple choice exam requires a special method of preparation distinctly different from an essay exam. Multiple choice exams ask a student to ...

4 ways to outsmart any multiple-choice test - Business Insider


Jun 26, 2015 ... Ideally, multiple-choice exams would be random, without patterns of right or wrong answers. However, all tests are written by humans, and ...

How to Pass Multiple Choice Tests: 13 Steps (with Pictures)


Sit practise tests to budget your time. If the test is one hour long and has thirty questions, you know that you'll need to have ...

The Rules for Intelligent Guessing On Multiple Choice Exams Con't


Alternatives with absolute or universal qualifiers are usually wrong (all, every, never, in no case, in every case, etc.) Alternatives that seem impossible or that ...

Tips on Taking Multiple-Choice Tests: Taking the Test


Tips on how to prepare for and take multiple-choice tests.

ZipGrade Cloud: iOS and Android Grading App For Teachers


... or Android device into an optical scanner for grading paper multiple-choice assessments. Great for quizzes, exit tickets, and larger exams of up to 100 questions. ... Join the 90k users that have used ZipGrade to grade over 35 million papers.

exams - Grading scale: how to handle multiple choice questions with ...


May 27, 2014 ... Suppose you have been told to give a multiple choice exam, and to .... What part of "Never use multiple choice for summative assessment" don't ...

Beyond Multiple Choice: Alternative Ways to Use Bubble Sheets ...


We all know that multiple choice tests are not always the best measure of a student's ... I've found of using GradeCam scan sheets to save precious grading time.

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A: When I was in my latter years in college, I realized that we only really need to remember certain information rather than the entire body of information. Much ... Read More »
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A: Before giving you a grade, I would seriously inspect into the possibility that you have cheated in some way to have done this. Yes, picking a wrong answer (75%... Read More »
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Q: When taking a multiple choice exam that you are certain to fail w...
A: Assuming 4 possible answers: Each answer has a 25% chance of being right. If you can rule out a wrong answer, it has a 33% If you can rule out 2 wrong answers... Read More »
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