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Aug 31, 2014 ... Making an IVORY Soap Suppository for a Constipated Newborn. Posted on ... remedies, I finally decided to consult my mother-in-law for advice.


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Sep 10, 2006 ... Milk of Magnesia: The MOM of All Remedies ... I use the pills as a last resort and the suppositories as a next-to-last resort. ... with or without a little liquid soap added), weird enemas (SMOG or bubblegum or milk and molasses) ...


A rectal glycerin suppository can do the trick quickly. Follow the ... My mom made me Chamomile Tea with a lot of sugar and it helped me. Also fresh ..... My parents used to give me soap enema's I remember the pain well since it never did stop.


Mar 8, 2010 ... ... 120ml to 180ml of formula so my mum (who is a Registered Midwife) gave him a belly massage and ... If you use the pediatric suppositories, use only half of one . ... i use karo syrup and suppositories and they worked for me.


Jan 14, 2016 ... Clean with unscented soap and water: Floral soaps are not your vagina's ... What is it: It is thought that a vaginal suppository of Vitamin C may ...


... birth canal, babies get a “first meal” of good and bad bacteria from their mother. ... Insert a probiotic suppository using an encapsulated probiotic supplement ..... if you don't scrub them or put soap on them a lot of the bacteria will stay intact.


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Feb 2, 2010 ... You can buy scented vaginal suppositories called Norforms in Island Escape and Summer's Eve Deodorant Spray in Island Splash. (Norforms ...


I believe my mum has it too and has only just started talking a bout it after I've .... I will definitely give that a try, I've been using Dove soap & E45 shower .... I was prescribed Dermovate cream & prednisolone suppositories to be ...