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Anarae Brown (born July 30, 1974), better known by his stage name X-Raided, is an American ... Brown and four other gang members were arrested for the murder . ... X-Raided chose the moniker because the prosecutor in his trial referred to ...


Nov 17, 2002 ... Tied by music and murder ... if he could put the 17-year-old rapper's lurid music on trial as well. The judge allowed Harned to play Brown's music twice in court. The music, recorded under the stage name X-Raided, was brash, ...

Feb 16, 2016 ... ... News Footage About The Murder "X-Raided" Supposely Commited. ... shouldn' t of been able to broadcast this especially if he was on trial, ...


While languishing in prison, X-Raided managed to record another album entirely over the telephone, ... debut LP Psycho Active, he was convicted on murder charges -- in fact, the album's violent lyrics were even cited as evidence at the trial.


Brown and four other gang members were arrested for the murder. ... committed, and this caused national media coverage of X-Raided's then-impending trial.


Psycho Active. X-Raided. Released 1992. 8.5K ... A day before the album was released X-Raided was arrested for a murder he was allegedly involved in.


The label, in similar fashion, has put out albums for X-Raided while he was awaiting trial and eventually convicted of murder (Xorcist, ...


Feb 10, 2009 ... From his early to mid teens in Sacramento, X-Raided had been an ... Hence, he is still incarcerated on murder conspiracy charges with a 31 ...


The album's violent lyrics were cited as evidence at his trial. While in prison, X- Raided recorded another album entirely over the telephone. ... who, shortly after releasing his 1992 debut LP Psycho Active, was convicted on murder charges.


The lyrics were so hardcore that they were used against him as evidence in the murder case. As X-Raided awaited the verdict of his trial while in jail, he released  ...