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Evolution of sexual reproduction


Evolutionary biology portal · Category · Book · Related topics · v · t · e · wolves mating. Ladybirds mating. Moths mating Laothoe populi. The evoluti...

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in shorebirds than the hypothesis of Jehl and Murray ... Evolution of reversed sexual size dimorphism and role par- titioning among predatory birds, with a size scal ... MUELLER, H. C. 1986. .... mating system (monogamous vs. polygamous), as.

Behavioral Drive versus Behavioral Inertia in Evolution: A Null ...


Behavioral Drive versus Behavioral Inertia in Evolution: A Null Model ... than drive evolution, a phenomenon we call the “Bogert effect.” We briefly review a ...... of interactors. Pages 51–71 in H. C. Plotkin, ed. ... J. Murray, London. Davis, A. J.  ...

Pathogen prevalence predicts human cross-cultural variability in ...

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Feb 26, 2008 ... Damian R. Murray. 2 and Mark ... fundamental cultural variable: differences in individualistic versus collectivist values. ..... Ewald, P. W. 1994 Evolution of infectious disease. .... Triandis, H. C. 1995 Individualism & collectivism.

The sociobiological perspectives in the study of human evolution ...


The idea of a new multilevel approach to an understanding of regularities of evolution and its consequences for the study of human evolution is analysed.

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general explanations for the evolution of size dimorphism within the clade. We conclude that it is incor- ... (Jehl & Murray 1986; Andersson 1994), and although a number of competing ..... the role of female versus male plumage. Evolution 52, ... 48, 1089^1100. Mueller, H. C. 1990 The evolution of reversed size dimorphism .

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Nov 20, 2011 ... preferences for song structure (i.e., chirped song vs. trilled song) in crickets and flies ... As a consequence, prey or host species may evolve counter- ..... Gerhardt HC, Tanner SD, Corrigan CM, Walton HC (2000) Female ...

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Oct 22, 2012 ... evolution of reduced signalling activity (Cade & Wyatt 1984; Cade. 1991), and can cause a shift in the ..... of Stata v.10 (StatCorp, College Station, TX, U.S.A.). RESULTS. First, we ..... Gerhardt, H. C. & Huber, F. 2002. Acoustic ...

Evolution of multicellularity coincided with increased diversification ...


Jan 14, 2013 ... We tested whether the evolution of multicellularity overlaps with the GOE, and whether multicellularity is ... Species belonging to subsections IV and V are able to produce terminally differentiated cells. ..... Schirrmeister BE, Anisimova M, Antonelli A, Bagheri HC. .... Koschwanez JH, Foster KR, Murray AW.

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Individual versus social complexity, with particular reference to ant colonies. ... Hood M.E., Jenkins C.E., Johnson L.J., Murray J.J., Panjeti V., Rudolf V.H.W., Sloan D., and Vondrasek .... Bernstein H., Byerly H.C., Hopf F.A., and Michod R. 1985.

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Murray v. Director, Family Services (1993) FLC 92-416. INCADAT Reference. HC /E/AU .... Supreme Court of Finland: KKO:2004:76 [INCADAT Reference: HC/E/FI 839] ... Equally jurisprudence may evolve, whether internally or internationally.

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species versus a fecundity-advantage of large female size in. What is the ... evolution of sexual size dimorphism in monogamous shorebirds? Wader Study ...

The Genesis Account of Creation vs. Theistic Evolution by Brad T ...


The claim that "evolution and the Bible show amazing agreement on almost all issues ... H.C. Leupold appropriately comments, "If scientists now often regard light as ... Murray and Buffaloe allege: "The Genesis account explains that there is a ...