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According to Muscle & Fitness, whey protein is the most important supplement for building muscle. Whey protein is one of the fastest-digesting protein sources and should be tak...

Muscle Building Supplements
Muscle building supplements, such as whey protein, Creatine and Hydroxycut, require following the proper instructions for the supplement and appropriate diet. Build muscle quickly by using supplements with advice from a certified personal trainer in this... More »
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Bodybuilding supplement

Bodybuilding supplements are dietary supplements commonly used by those involved in bodybuilding and athletics. Bodybuilding supplements may be used to ...

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Q: Are muscle building supplements good?
A: DON'T USE SUPPLEMENTS!!! Supplements are probably one of the worst ways to build muscle. They don't actually make you at all stronger or more fit, they simply j... Read More »
Q: Muscle Building Supplements for Testosterone.
A: As people age, their testosterone levels naturally decline. Other factors that cause a decline are being overweight, excessive smoking and having high stress le... Read More »
Q: What is the best muscle building supplement?
A: supple@. this product contains vitamins and minerals that helps generate cartilages and strengthen the joints in the bones, as well as generating muscle tissues... Read More »
Q: Best muscle building supplement?
A: In reply to Hunter on 2012-09-05 - click to read A world wide full services of anabolic steroids vist and enjoy with it. Read More »
Q: Muscle building supplements for women?
A: Really, I would just advise a multivitamin, an iron supplement (I think all women should be taking an iron supplement to begin with) and possibly creatine. I mi... Read More »