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Identifying mushrooms requires a basic understanding of their ... As a result, for most mushrooms, if the cap is cut off and placed ...

MycoKeys online Morphing Mushroom Identifier (MMI) quickstart


The Morphing Mushroom Identifier (MMI) is an innovative identification tool which gives you: - an interactive mushroom key that models your fungus on screen ...

Mushroom Identification
Although you can safely eat many types of mushrooms, some species contain toxins that can result in serious illness, even death. For those connoisseurs who prefer to pick their mushrooms in the wild, identification is critical. You should never ingest... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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Wild Mushroom Identification and Habitat - Mushroom Appreciation


So how do you identify a tree? Good question! It is beyond the scope of this website to teach you how to identify trees. For the most helpful tree identification site ...

Edible mushroom


Edible mushrooms are the fleshy and edible fruit bodies of several species of macrofungi They can appear either ...

Activity 1: Fugal identification and techniques in Microscopy


Dissecting scope ... Does the fungus have gills, pores, or none of the above? ... With these questions you should be able to determine whether your fungus is a…

Rogers Mushrooms | Mushroom Pictures & Mushroom Reference


Welcome to Rogers Mushrooms, the perfect reference tool to learn about and identify fungi, including mushrooms, truffles, puffballs and brackets. The site offers ...

the basics of mushroom identification - americanmushrooms.com


Either way, there ought never be such a book as "The Dummy's Guide to Edible Wild Mushrooms," because identifying edible wild mushrooms and eating them ...

Wild mushroom foraging guide online


Information on foraging for wild mushrooms. Detailed pictures and identification information. Covers the main edible species in the UK as well as some of the ...

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Q: Mushroom identification?
A: They are growing in my area too and are said to be highly poisonous. You can never tell which are OK and which are poisonous so don't ever eat any wild ones. th... Read More »
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Q: Mushroom identification?
A: Can you take a picture? You can upload a picture to a site like Flikr. http://www.flickr.com/. and then copy and paste the link when you "add details" to your q... Read More »
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Q: Coral Mushroom Identification.
A: Before attempting to pick coral mushrooms, study how to recognize poisonous and non-poisonous fungi. Numerous guidebooks are available. The coral mushroom is ed... Read More »
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Q: Shitake Mushroom Identification.
A: The shiitake mushroom is a delicacy in Eastern regions of the world and native to East Asia. It is often present in Asian cuisine. It is a traditional-looking m... Read More »
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Q: Where can I find a mushroom identification guide online.
A: Try mushroomexpert.com, .and backyardnature.net.! Dedicated guides are here 24/7 to answer Read More »
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