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In music theory, a scale is any set of musical notes ordered by fundamental frequency or pitch. A scale ordered by increasing pitch is an ascending scale, and a ...

Scales and Key Signatures - The Method Behind the Music


Scales. A scale is a group of pitches (scale degrees) arranged in ascending order. These pitches span an octave. Diatonic scales are scales that include half  ...

Theory of scales in music - what is a scale? - Piano scales


The easiest way to explain scales is like a collection of notes that of a musical reason have been grouped together. The benefit of knowing scales in music is that ...

Scales and scale degrees – Open Music Theory


Scales and scale degrees. A scale is a succession of pitches ascending or descending in steps. There are two types of steps: half steps and whole steps.

The Major Scale - MusicTheory.net


A scale is a selection of certain notes within an octave. The first scale that we will discuss is the major scale. The major scale is constructed with this formula.

What are scales in music? - EarMaster


Scale” comes from a Latin word which means ladder. A scale is the tonal basis of music. It is a set of tones from which you can build melodies and harmonies.

Western Musical Scales - Physics


The spacing between adjacent notes on the chromatic scale is referred to as a half ... adjacent notes for the common musical scales used in western music are:.

Musical Scales - BrainPOP


In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby will acquaint you with the basics of musical scales! You'll learn about intervals--those spaces between notes--and how ...

Basic Music Theory 102: Notes, Scales and Chords - Deviant Noise


So now that you know some basic music theory it's time to get into how music works. The first thing we're gonna talk about is musical notes and scales. Knowing ...

guitar - Why learn scales? What are they for? - Music: Practice ...


Oct 24, 2011 ... Scales are important for a guitarist, just as learning good grammar is important ... From my own personal and teaching standpoint, guitar music ...

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Understanding and Building Musical Scales: Definitions & Types of ...


What is a 'scale' in music? How do tonality, pitch, and accidentals play a role in making a scale? What kinds of notes make up a scale? What is the...

Music Theory: All 12 Major Scales


There are 12 different Major Scales: One with no sharps or flats, 4 with sharps, 4 with flats, and 3 with either sharps or flats depending upon enharmonic spelling.

Music Scales - The Jazz Resource


Here is a compilation of many of the basic music scales as well as more advanced diatonic and jazz scales. Knowing the different types scales can be very ...