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About Muskrats
"The muskrat is a member of the rodent family with the scientific name Ondatra zibethica. Muskrats live near water and spend a great deal of time in it foraging for food. The name ""muskrat"" comes from the fact that these creatures are capable of producing"... More »
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The muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus), the only species in genus Ondatra and tribe Ondatrini, is a .... faeces contents, and 71% of muskrat houses were destroyed by jackals, 16% of which froze and became unsuitable for muskrat occupation.


The muskrat has a stocky appearance, with small eyes and very short, .... Muskrats may also undermine retaining walls that shore up homes, bridges, and other ...


Muskrats dig burrows into the sides of water banks and eat a strict vegetarian diet . ... This safeguard prevents many predators from entering a muskrat's home.


The muskrat is a rabbit sized aquatic rodent native to North America. It has partially webbed hind feet ... Home /; Muskrat Facts. MUSKRATS. Choose another ...


Are muskrats known to enter homes or yards? Since muskrats prefer to live near the water and rely on aquatic plants for food, they have no interest in human ...


The mounds primarily serve the muskrats as homes in the winter. The rest of the year they seem to prefer beaver lodges or boat houses along the river, and ...


Muskrat Interesting Facts: Muskrats live in or near water most of their lives. They make their homes in bank dens or lodges similar to those of the beaver but ...


How to Get Rid of Muskrats in the Pond - Muskrats are rodents similar to beavers ... invade human habitats for food when they run out of it in their natural homes.


The concern surrounding muskrats isn't necessarily on a personal level for most people. If you have a decorative pond or a flood wall protecting your home, then ...