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The Qibla (Arabic: قبلة , "direction"), also transliterated as Qiblah, Qibleh, Kiblah, Kıble or Kibla, is the direction that should be faced when a Muslim prays ...


A Qibla compass or qiblah compass is a modified compass used by Muslims to indicate the direction to face to perform ritual prayers. In Islam, this direction is ...


Background. Muslims pray facing the Kaaba at Mecca. So, people who are on the east of .... Muslims face in the direction of shortest distance the holy Kaaba in Makkah while praying, it is different directions for different countries.For the Indians ...


Jul 19, 2010 ... Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) -- Indonesian Muslims have been praying in the wrong direction, the country's highest Islamic authority has said.


Gratitude and Dua Yes! Muslims face the Ka'abah in Makkah, Saudi Arabia when praying We pray “Towards” the Ka'abah and not “To” the Ka'abah so kindly ...


Aug 7, 2012 ... The first Qibla Muslims prayed towards is Al-Aqsa mosque المسجد الأقصى (or .... was in Medina, he faced toward Jerusalem for Qibla direction.


Locate precisely Qibla (Kaaba) direction right from your online browser wherever you are. ... Muslims go on pilgrimage to Mecca to perform Hajj and Umrah.


Use any address to view the Qibla direction on a map. ... Qibla refers to the direction a Muslim faces when praying, which is the Ka'ba in Makkah.


How to Find the Qibla for Prayer. For people of the Muslim faith, knowing the qibla, or direction of prayer, is very important. This direction is toward the Ka'bah in ...