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My boyfriend wants to finger me, what if it gets out of control ...


I went to my boyfriend's house yesterday and we mainly hung out in his room... It was a bit odd at first but then we both relaxed and I was ...

Why Would My Boyfriend Always Want To Stick His Finger Up My ...


Why would my boyfriend always want to stick his finger up my **** and even lick it ? I knew he loved my **** because he always squeezes it and wants me to ...

fingering | Scarleteen


I get really really wet! It's really gross. My boyfriend wants to go down on me and finger me, but I don't want him to think I'm gross. Is it normal to be so wet?

My story and current struggle - MDJunction


I honestly did not want to have sex with him. I loved my boyfriend. I didn't like or love this guy. I was tired/slightly buzzed. Alcohol does make me sleepy. We were  ...

My boyfriend wants to finger me. I want him to i'm just nervous ...


Nov 2, 2008 ... I dont know what to do. I reallly like him and i want it to be done. What if he thinks its gross?

My Boyfriend wants to eat me out... - TeenHelp


... my boyfriend and i have had sex, he has fingered me and we have ... In his logic, you have done it before, so you should want to do it again.

Should I let my boyfriend finger me? | Funadvice


I am 14 and my boyfriend. said he wants to finger me. What is it? and what should I do?

My Body - California State University, Northridge


...every time he fingers me, there is a little bit of blood... Dear EROS, My boyfriend was fingering me…he always does it and there's never been a problem. ... If it is, you may want to avoid fingering if you are concerned about breaking the hymen ...

My boyfriend wants to go down on me but my period's not quite ...


I sound silly I just really want to be with him, but don't want my first time being gone down on being a disaster, and he wants to touch me, finger ...

Why doesn't my boyfriend of 2years, not want me anymore ...


Oct 11, 2013 ... Why doesn't my boyfriend of 2years, not want me anymore :-( - I've been ... together in the first year or so, now he doesn't even finger me before ...

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Q: My boyfriend wants to finger me?
A: If thats what you want then go ahead and try it : talk about it before so he knows if you feel uncomfortable then he needs to stop. You both are curious and he ... Read More »
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Q: My boyfriend wants to finger me....?
A: BAHAHAHAHAHA sorry thats a hilarious question i say have sex before you get fingered, or that would be one straaannge first time experience! my question thx- Read More »
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Q: Why does my boyfriend want to finger me?
A: Many men enjoy fingering a girl because it can bring her great enjoyment and Read More »
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Q: My boyfriend wants to finger me on my period?
A: As long as he knows you're on your period and he's okay with it and so are you, there's nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you have a towel down or somethi... Read More »
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Q: My boyfriend wants to finger me and i dont mind if he does BUT?
A: It sounds like you're not ready for that yet. Wait until you ARE ready. Don't let anyone pressure you into anything you don't want to do. Read More »
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