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My boyfriend wants to finger me, what if it gets out of control ...


I went to my boyfriend's house yesterday and we mainly hung out in his room... It was a bit odd at first but then we both relaxed and I was ...

Boyfriend wants me to finger him - Scarleteen Boards


Jul 30, 2015 ... My boyfriend and I are both 17, he is almost 18 and we have been in a relationship for 3 years. We've been sexually active for a little more than ...

What...should I let my boyfriend finger me? (18 replies) - Love ...


my boyfriend is 15 and im 13 and he wants to finger me...he loves me and I love him but im afraid of what he'll think of my body if he does.

Why Would My Boyfriend Always Want To Stick His Finger Up My ...


Why would my boyfriend always want to stick his finger up my **** and even lick it ? I knew he loved my **** because he always squeezes it and wants me to ...

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...every time he fingers me, there is a little bit of blood... Dear EROS, My boyfriend was fingering me…he always does it and there's never been .... When having sex , I am self conscious about the hair, when my girlfriend wants to touch me there.

My story and current struggle


I loved my boyfriend. I didn't like or love this guy. I was tired/slightly buzzed. Alcohol does make me sleepy. We were in the car. I was expecting him to drive me ...

If I am fingered am I still a virgin??? - Sexual Health - Teens ...


Aug 1, 2008 ... Hi, I am a virgin. My boyfriend wants to finger me, but I don't know if it will hurt or if I will still be classified as a virgin. My boyfriend is a virgin to ...

"My Boyfriend Refuses to Go Down on Me" - Cosmopolitan


Apr 9, 2014 ... My boyfriend refuses to do anything "extra" when it comes to sex. ... I go down on him, then we get down to business the way he wants.

My boyfriend 'sort-of' raped me. But I didn't break up with him ...


Mar 4, 2015 ... 'It was not rape, but my reaction was too involuntary, and its intensity too high ... Then added, “fuck you” sticking his middle finger up at me. ...... ends EVERYTHING and he doesn't get to continue because he wants to or has to.

My Boyfriend wants to eat me out... - TeenHelp


My Boyfriend wants to eat me out. ... my boyfriend and i have had sex, he has fingered me and we have been ... He WANTS to go down on you.

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The only way I can masturbate is by rubbing the palm of my hand on my clit. When my boyfriend and I are together, he likes to finger me. But like I said before,  ...

My boyfriend wants to finger me what do I do? | Yahoo Answers


Jul 13, 2016 ... You do what YOU want to do, not what he wants you to do. If you have doubts, then you aren't ready and he needs to respect that. If you feel ...

What does it mean if my boyfriend fingers me with gloves on? - Quora


Probably it means that he is very thoughtful about hygiene. You know how rarely most men ... What should I do if my boyfriend wants to have sex but I don't?