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However, when ocular or nasal discharge is seen, the cat may have a cold or ... I was trying to read an article to help my cat and there were so many pop ups, ...

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During the winter season, you may see your feline sneezing more than usual. But can that be a sign that she has an actual cold? And can cats get colds from ...

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Three Methods:Determining whether the cat has a coldHelping the cat through the coldSeeing the .... My cat's ears are cold and she's sneezing a lot. There's ...

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Healthy cats can get infected when they come into direct contact with a sick cat. ... My cat has some type of infection in both eyes and is sneezing his appetite is still ... Best thing vet said to do is to get in the human vitamins Lysine 500 mg crush ...

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Cat colds, just like human colds, can cause symptoms such as sneezing and fevers - Learn more about this cat health issue from ... What Should I Look Out For if I think my Cat has a Cold? ... What to do about lacerations or cuts on dogs or cats.

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Nov 23, 2009 ... start of our cold and flu sea- son, and owners are asking me whether their cats can catch their colds. The answer is probably not — at least not if ...

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Oct 29, 2014 ... Have a question you'd like to ask a vet? Send your query to pets@washingtonian .com with the subject line “Vet Q.” Q: Our cat likes to go ...

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Dec 14, 2010 ... So it is that a healthy, well-fed cat who lives under the crawl space ... P.S. - I'll take all your outdoor pet cold-weather tips, too, while you're at it.

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Cats who live outside are vulnerable to the cold, wind, snow and ice of winter. But you ... You can build a cat a cozy winter home easily and cheaply. ... If the shelter is too large, it will be difficult for the cats' body heat to keep the space warm.

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Q: My cat has a cold.?
A: Never give a cat human meds. Aspirin and valium are both safe for dogs and people; but aspirin is lethal to cats and valium makes them maniacally excited. Antib... Read More »
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Q: my cat has a cold,?
A: Go get some cat milk. Feed Mango the milk pre heated, keep her indoors. If her symptoms are still around a week later, you should seek counsel from a vet. Read More »
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Q: My cat has a cold sore
A: My Mom's cat get these same things on his lip too if he eats any food with turkey...even a tad bit he will get a sore like this and sadly requires him to go to ... Read More »
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Q: My Cat Has A Cold, What's The Matter?
A: Since I am not a doctor,I suggest you take your lovely baby to see a vet.Just take it easy,it will recover soon in your carefully nursing. Read More »
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Q: How can I tell if my cat has a cold?
A: Signs of a cat having a cold include sneezing, discharge draining from nose, runny eyes, cough, & fever.See the vet for Read More »
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