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When I insert a CD or DVD into the CD drive, the computer won't ... I Have a dell Vostro410 thats allowed me to play CDs 7 DVDs happpily.


Currently it won't play new discs either. ... I have a similar problem but my drive won't read CDs at all anymore, just DVDs. ... After the computer received an update from Microsoft to the Media Player, it stated acting up like your ...


I have a windows vista and just recently my computer has stopped being able to play any kind of cd that is inserted into the drive. It does not ...


When I put a CD-R or any disc for that matter. it didnt read it. when I went to ... What if they're not lited my computer doesn't have them.


Cannot play movies. If your computer was upgraded to Window 10 or 8, there may not be a software application capable of playing DVD or Blu-ray movies ...

Nov 19, 2015 ... This video shows you how to run a CD that previously played on ... i put a blu ray in my pc, it recognizes it and everything, but wont play it.


My laptop won't play dvds or cds. ever time i put in a cd or dvd nothing happens and i can't find the dvd drive or anything on 'my computer' whats wrong? and ...


Hi, my h.p windows 7 will not play cd-r700mb discs. Every time i insert a disc a message appears saying error code 0x800.


WMP comes with pre-installed codecs which have never satisfied me. You should install a codec pack and try again. I personally recommend ...