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If your girlfriend wants to take a break and you're feeling confused about what that really means, this post will clear it up for you. The first thing that you need to ...


Oct 18, 2008 ... Log out My guyQ My Stacks Settings ... What She Really Means, When She Needs To Take A Break ... From out of nowhere your girlfriend announces she needs a break. ... she wants, particularly if you're commitment-phobic and she wants a Donald Trump-size wedding complete with ring-bearing ponies.


Feb 11, 2016 ... It can be hard to remember, but a break does not mean you have “broken up” with her. For one reason or another, she wants to take a break ...


If your girlfriend has asked that the two of you take a break from your ... The fact that your girlfriend wants a break and not a breakup means that she still values ...


Give her the break. Its good for you. She's not clear about the relationship. She feels insecure. ... My girlfriend wants to take a break from our relationship and we were doing great.What does this mean? Girlfriend of 6 months says she feels ...


About a week ago my girlfriend decided that she wanted to spend some time with herself. ... as a female just a tip no woman wants a man to cry or break down it has happened to .... And even if she does, I'm not so sure that I will take her back.


(Closed) Girlfriend wants the dreaded "break" ... Last week, my girlfriend of 2.5 years told me that she needed space to figure out her feelings. .... if I was a priority and would put second only to God or I would take my broke heart and move on.


So, that leaves you thinking, “My girlfriend wants a break… but why? ... Sometimes we are in denial of our own actions, so you need to take good, long, hard look ...


What to do when your girl tells you she wants to take a break & then she starts ignoring ... My name is Mike and I've been having a problem in my relationship.


"I want to take a break." These are difficult words to hear from your partner. Whatever the reason for the separation, you need to respect your partner's right to ...