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How to Help a Hamster With Sticky Eye: 10 Steps


Jul 1, 2015 ... If this is the case, there won't be any crust present holding the eye closed, so you can gently .... My hamster's eye won't open, what should I do?

My hamster is sick, what's wrong?? - Paw Talk - Pet Forums


Anyways, yesterday I noticed that she was lethargic, and that she just won't open her eyes. I had been gone for a couple of days on Spring ...

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Mar 27, 2014 ... what if my hamsters eye is half closed but doesnt have crust around it ... to the animal doctor becuz if you won't do that your hamster will pass out .... My hamster just got an eye thingy which cant open and a red on the eyelid i ...

Hamster Health Center - Small Animal Channel


Oct 6, 2011 ... Knowing these hamster facts about health concerns could help you recognize a ... Indoor hamsters kept at regular room temperature (72 degrees Fahrenheit) won't hibernate. ... or crust around the eye and the hamster may be unable to open one or both eyes. ..... My hamsters eye is bright red and bulging!

My dwarf hamster's eyes are shut. She's alive, breathing heavily ...


May 2, 2009 ... Update 3: I have owned hamsters before, and I noticed some blood on her bedding, and she is one and a half years old. My parents are willing ...

Hamster Eye Problems: Sticky, Crusty, Scratch, Pink Eye, Blind


There's many hamster eye problems that affect hamster health, including ... I have a problem with my hamster , he's eyes are crusty and it looks like the skin got .... she has been sleeping a lot (not her usual pattern) and won't open her eyes.

Symptoms of Poor Hamster Health or Illness | PetHelpful


Dec 20, 2015 ... You should watch for sneezing, discharge from eyes or nose, ... My mom won't let me take her too the vets because we don't have the money ...

Injured or Sick Hamster Signs and Symptoms - How to Take Care of ...


Learn about the signs and symptoms of sick or injured hamsters. ... might be completely out of it and not have any reaction when you open the cage. .... My Syrian hamster ash sometimes makes strange noises but what I'm ...... He also won't eat. ... I just checked again and his eyes are red and he shakes a lot when I hold him.

Wet Tail Hamster Disease: Signs, Causes and Treatment Care


The medication is flavored so it should make the hamster more open to drinking the solution. .... She won't drink any water or eat which is concerning me. ... My hamster has her eyes shut and has her tail wet I'm thinking diarrhea she's not ...

Hamster Hind Limb Problems: Causes and Possible Treatments


A hamster that can't walk because its back legs don't work is a sign of a hind limb ... My Romeo,syrian hamster used to be very active,while playing in his cage ..... bed her eyes are closed and when she tries opening them they won't open ?

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Hamster has one eye closed. | Ask A Vet


My hamster has one eye closed all the time. There are no other ... He seems very healthy except for the fact that his left eye won't open. He does not seem in ...

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my hamster's eye is swollen and has a black like little ball under her eye and it is .... of my baby hamster is not opening his eyes anymore won't eat, very skinny, ...

sick hamster - VetClick


My dwarf hamster has a red swollen eye, it has been like this on and off .... my hamster his one eye is shut and the other is open he sleeps a lot ...