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So there I am guessing my PSP wont turn on because it's dead. I come ... I need some suggestions on what to do, because I don't want to pay a lot of money to fix my PSP when I can sumply fix it at home. ... My PSP won't turn on or charge?

Aug 12, 2011 ... how to fix our own psp using charger - if your problem is your psp is not turning on, well i have a solution for that. Please be patient in my Video, i dont ... ... i promise i'll do some Cool videos... and i'll try to play with youtubers like Smosh Games and stuff. ... PSP Won't turn on, Charges though (HELP!
Nov 19, 2011 ... 6:48 · How Do I Fix My PSP When Its Not Turning On? - Duration: 3:26. FOXMONSTER19 36,930 views · 3:26. how to fix your psp not turning on ...


Hi After not using my PSP for months I decided to give it a go. Now it will not turn on. I have tried to charge it but nothing happens. No lights at...


Of course to fix it you will have to open it up and get to them. Use these guides to work on your PSP and check the fuses with a multimeter for ...


Yesterday my dad and I attempted rehousing my PSP 1001. It worked pretty well, ... Now it won't charge, turn on, or light up any lights even when it's plugged in. The battery was ... Would it fix the problem? Should I just try to ...


Could be a dead charger, could be a dead battery. Could be a ton of other stuff, ... We'll provide an expert who will help you out. Learn More at zeqr.com ... How do you fix a PS3 that won't turn on? How do I hack a PSP 3000?


If your PlayStation Vita won't turn on, this article will help you troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing.


As the title says, my PSP wont turn on. When I put the charger in, the amber light shows that it is charging, but I can't get it to turn. I've taken the ...


Jun 24, 2006 ... Yesterday i was updating my psp to the new firmware version but it suddenly ran out of power and turned off. Now when i turn it on there is no response, just the power indicator ... Then all you have to do is copy the downloaded firmware package .... my psp is bricked and the backlight won't even switch on.