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When I put a disk in my PS2 on the browser it says its reading the disk but then it justs stops for some reason. No disk error messagwe it just stops reading the ...


For PlayStation 2 on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "My PS2 ... My friend tells me its the PS2 motor. .... My PS2 won't read disks?


Nov 10, 2003 ... Dealing with PlayStation 2 disc read errors ... reader comments 4 ... My apologies to modem users, but I'm going to throw in a lot of pictures.


Won't read or play games or DVD but shows disk on screen - PlayStation 2. ... 2. Your PS2 reads games on CDs but will not read games on DVDs. 3. .... my ps4 wont load fallout 4, ass creed syndicate or ass creed unity.

Jul 22, 2012 ... ... as a last resort. If your PS2 won't read discs, please check to m... ... my ps2 fat won't play ps2 games but will play ps1 discs. Help!!!. Read ...


3rd If everything appears to be working correctly but the disk won't spin, try a .... My PS2 can only spin when there is a CD, but doesn't read it.


I had my Playstation 2 'stored' in a drawer of my room. ... be that the laser can't read the disk/detect there is one, the motor won't spool up/spin.


If you have ever owned a Play Station 2 (thick version) you may have had deal with the "Disk Read Error" problem. At first it is not so bad, just one...


my ps2 can read the disc but the game wont start. what is wrong ... a new but used slim ps2 and now the only problem is that it won't read star ...