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Jun 15, 2013 ... ikr my baby res turtle won't eat :( ... my turtle is too small to eat worms hes about a quarter sized red eared slider ... my turtles won't eat at all.

Please help me understand why my Turtle Refuses to Eat?


Turtles and other reptiles have to regulate their body temperatures by way of their environment, and a turtle that is too cool will be sluggish and won't eat. 3.



Jan 24, 2013 ... Good morning guys :'( . I have my red ear slider for about 10 years. For the past few weeks, she hasn't been eating. I've fed her on pellets since ...

Won't eat, just sleeps; suggestions? - Big Pond - Turtle Forum


May 17, 2012 ... We have a young cooter turtle, approximately a little less than 2 inches, ... the fact that he won't eat, though my experience with turtles is limited) ...

Box Turtle Not Eating - Reptiles Magazine


My box turtle won't eat, please help. ... I am having a problem with one of my patients. An ornate box turtle, Gary, stopped eating after a brief medical procedure.

My turtle won't eat his turtle food? | Yahoo Answers


May 29, 2011 ... He's about 1.5- 2 inches. I'm not sure what breed either a red belly or a painted turtle. He won't eat his baby aquatic turtle food. He will eat deli ...

The Care and Feeding of Aquatic Turtles - MyTurtleCam.com


But when I feed my turtles messy food that's hard to scoop up with a net, I feed ... Even though they're likely to eat almost anything that their keepers feed them, only ... largely of a high-quality turtle food, usually won't need vitamin supplements.

What Is Wrong If My Aquatic Turtle Won't Eat? - Snippets.com


Aquatic turtles who won't eat he may have a bacteria infection due to unclean water. Place your turtle in observation container with a dry basking area. Purchase ...

How to Care for a Turtle That Won't Eat | eHow


Owners most often complain about turtle eating habits. ... that will help you decide what to do if you have a turtle that won't eat properly. ... My Turtle Won't Eat.

What fish can I put with my turtle that he WONT eat. : turtle - Reddit


Dec 2, 2014 ... My rule of thumb is roughly if the fish is about the size of the shell of turtle. The turtles won't "actively" go after it. But then you need to make sure ...

My Turtle Won't Eat
Turtle won't eat? Different turtle species eat different things. So, first identify the turtle before getting alarmed. Get more information about turtle eating habits with tips from the owner of a reptile store in this free pet care video.... More »
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Do Turtles Stop Eating in the Winter? | Animals - mom.me


If your turtle isn't eating as much as usual as winter approaches, that could be a ... Those who live in climates with mild or even warm winters won't experience ...

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Learn what to do if your pet turtle won't eat in this Howcast video featuring veterinarian Alix Wilson.

My turtle wont eat! - Turtles


Hi I have a red slider that won't eat other than ham and hot dogs. I bought a 55 gallons fish tank from a lady with the intentions of having fishes ...