Did you mean: My Wife Dressed Me in Her Clothes?
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Caught By Wife - Netscape Love


I was caught by my wife two weeks ago completely dressed up as a girl at a ... I would always find excuses to cross-dress and finally my mother just told me to wear ... However, she also liked to call me her girlfriend and loves to make me wear ...

My "Coming Out" - Alexus Sheppard


One night in December of 1996 my wife of 21 years came to bed with a very sexy teddy, ... After we made love, I pondered why she would ask me to wear her most ... All men who like to wear women's clothes know what I experienced next.

A family affair: My husband wears dresses | The Independent


May 30, 1999 ... Three months later, at a fancy dress party, Rod went dressed as a woman. ... by saying that if I would not change my lifestyle, she wanted me out of her life. ... had gone to the loo, the wife said: "Whatever you do, stay in control.

Unordinary Style: Guest Post From My Wife


Jun 25, 2012 ... So today I have asked for her to write a guest post from a wife's perspective. ... When my husband first told me he wanted to cross-dress, we were in our ... I think that women with cross-dressing boyfriends or husbands need to ...

The Truth About Finding Peace - Mary van Balen


Jul 10, 2013 ... Sometime later, my sister found out that I wore one of her dresses, and I was ... I had to wear the dress all day while they called me Susie, and tried to ... My wife and I abstained from sex until we were married, but once we had ...

Do you have a cross-dressing husband? | Shades of Gender


May 5, 2015 ... Most wives are not even aware that their husband is a cross-dresser, ... I thought what are the odds that another man I was involved with wanted to dress as a woman? ... Enjoying every moment in his or I should say her femme role, I was ... as the more he dressed, with me not expressing my confusion and ...

Jerry 2's First Encounter - Petticoat Pond


I would wear my two sisters' panties and slips when I was no older than three. I would wear ... Her mother called me her second daughter. She would make a dress for both of us. She was a ... seven dress. I met my wife "girlfriend" at college .

I Let My Husband Dress Me for a Week - Good Housekeeping


Mar 3, 2015 ... I just wanted to wear all my favorite things. ... So I asked him to pick out my clothes for a week — I figured if .... Geraldine DeRuiter lives with her husband, Rand, in Seattle, Washington. ... Beauty · Fashion · fashion · husband · relationships · The Secret Lives of Husbands and Wiv...

Am I wrong to ask my girlfriend not to wear revealing clothes? - Quora


Refrain is the essence of any freedom. The world we live in isn't filled with the idealistic quora .... For whatever reason, her clothing is what your insecurity has latched on to. Even if you could change how you feel about ... My husband picked me up from the salon and we went to a bookstore. We walked around and talked and ...

Boys Do Cry - Ace Weekly


It was easy for me to gain access to my sister's wardrobe as most of it was on the her bedroom ... Her clothes were a little big as she is five years older, but I managed. ... like shave or apply makeup or wear women's clothes was that the strongest most ... I told my wife that I thought they were hers and had thrown them out a...