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Mystery of the Maya. Deep within the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala and extending into the limestone shelf of the Yucatán peninsula lie the fabled temples  ...

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Mystery of the Maya It's hard to believe that while the European continent was entrenched in the horrors of the Dark Ages, the Mayan culture was thriving.

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Unraveling the mystery of who the Maya were, how they lived--and why their civilization suddenly collapsed.

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Mysteries of the Maya They ruled the jungles of the Yucatan for over a thousand years. Ferocious warriors, the Maya fought the Spanish and held them in a ...
And if you stand on that side and clap your hands, you can hear this very strange, high-pitched, bird-like "ping," almost like a bullet ricochet or a bird chirp that is on fast-forward. This is untouched and I had about 200 pictures on this camera, and this was the onl... More »
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Aug 24, 2004 ... Mayan Mysteries by Michon Scott. Centuries before Europeans arrived, an advanced civilization flourished in Mesoamerica, a region extending ...

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Find out more about the history of Maya, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, ... The growth of the great Mayan civilization is as much a mystery as its  ...

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May 2, 2015 ... I had begun looking for answers back in the mid eighties, and my travels have taken me far and wide searching for the answer to one of ancient ... of the Mayans&v=RQvt6JFd-uU
Mar 16, 2014 ... It's no mystery why their cities were abandoned; they were driven out and destroyed by Spaniard invaders in the pursuit of land, gold, and ...

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Jun 4, 2014 ... The collapse of the Maya civilization is considered one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the ancient world. One can only speculate their ...

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May 10, 2012 ... The Mayans reveal their darkest mysteries: New excavation reveals secrets of their calendar - including black-clad figures and symbols never ...