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Stuttering Myths, Beliefs and Straight Talk for Teens | Stuttering ...

This leads many people to believe myths about stuttering. .... Self-therapy for the Stutterer (book; code 0012) - A classic written for teens and adults who stutter.

5 Myths About Teens and Technology Every Parent Should Ignore ...

Feb 4, 2014 ... I'm writing this article because I watch too many parents alienate themselves from teens because of the fear-mongering, techno-phobic myths ...

Your Stories Showcase - Myths and Legends from E2BN

This is very well written as a legend and follows the tradition of teaching correct behaviour - a function of many myths and legends. In this one, a vain young girl ...

How to Write a Myth - Creative Writing Ideas and Activities

By teaching kids how to write myths, stories of ancient heroes make excellent creative writing topics! ... Best Tips for Using Myths as Creative Writing Topics.

4 Myths Parents Should Know About Teens | Maria Shriver

Jan 7, 2014 ... I sent the earlier drafts out to teens and their parents to read, received their feedback, and re-wrote the book several times till the voice and tone ...

A Creation Myth | Teen Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fiction About myth, mythology ...

Magazine, website & books written by teens since 1989. Poetry Fiction ... College Articles · Report Abuse Home > Fiction > Sci-fi/Fantasy > A Creation Myth ... Mythology for Teens: Classic Myths for Today's World ... Mythology for Teens: Classic Myths for Today's World ... Written in a lively and fascinating style that captures all the drama and pathos of the ...

Five Myths About Young People and Social Media | Psychology Today

Feb 14, 2014 ... ... make sense of teens' uses of social media. Her data and analyses debunk some common myths about teens, technology, and social media.

The Teen Who Exposed a Professor's Myth - The Daily Beast

Aug 1, 2015 ... All of this would have been written off as a myth if it weren't for Rebecca Fried, a rising high school freshman—who one of the preeminent ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Why were myth's written?
A: Back in Acient Greece these myths were thought to be true, to explain things that could not be explained. They are also life lessons. Ex: Apollo's sister Artemi... Read More »
Q: When was the first Greek myth written?
A: The first written myth (that we know of, surely there were others before) is Homer's Odyssey. Even though a sequel to Homer's other epic poem Iliad, Odyssey is ... Read More »
Q: How to Talk to Teens About Drugs (written by a Teen)
A: The number one reason parents want to talk to their children about drugs is to instill the facts of drug use in them. Show them the potential harm drugs can cau... Read More »
Q: When was the myth of Persephone written?
A: It was probably first written down by Hesiod. He was one of the earliest to actually write down all the lore and formulate it into epic poetry. Part of her stor... Read More »
Q: Why where myths written?
A: Myths were told in order to attempt to explain the natural order of things, as ancient peoples did not have the ability to observe the natural world to the capa... Read More »