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is NP-complete if: ... A consequence of this definition is that if we had a polynomial time ...

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That is the NP in NP-hard does not mean non-deterministic polynomial time. Yes, this is confusing, but its usage is entrenched and unlikely to change.



These NP-complete problems really come up all the time. Knowing ... But we can also define explicit and useful problems which can't be solved. Although ...



Definition of NP-complete, possibly with links to more information and implementations.

Chapter 8. NP-complete problems


With a little thought, it is not hard to argue that in this particular case no such ..... This means that once we know a problem A is NP-complete, we can use it to ...

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A key part of the proof is, Turing machine was used as a mathematical definition of a computer and program (Source Halting Problem). Status of NP Complete ...

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Nov 5, 2014 ... NP Hard and NP Complete Problems (lec 2) To study interview questions ... may help to state what "NP" means - non-deterministic polynomial?

NP-Complete Theory


Definition 1 of NP: A problem is said to be Nondeterministically Polynomial (NP) if we can find a nodeterminsitic Turing machine that can solve the problem in a ...

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A problem is NP-hard if an algorithm for solving it can be translated into one for ... NP-hard therefore means "at least as hard as any NP-problem," although it ...

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NP problems. Graph theory has these fascinating(annoying?) pairs of problems. Shortest path algorithms? Longest path is NP complete (we'll define NP ...

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Feb 6, 2013 ... All I know is that NP is a subset of NP-complete, which is a subset of NP-hard, but I have no idea what they actually mean. Wikipedia isn't much ...

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This is a rough guide to the meaning of "NP-Complete". It is not intended to be an exact definition, but should help you to understand the concept. These are just ...

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What does NP-hard mean? A lot of times you can solve a problem by reducing it to a different problem. I can reduce Problem B to Problem A if, given a solution ...