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Nail biting, also known as onychophagy or onychophagia, is an oral compulsive habit. ... Nail biting usually leads to deleterious effects in fingers, but also mouth and more generally the digestive ...

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Jul 26, 2014 ... There are many theories why nail biting is common, but this may actually be harmful to you beyond the emotional effects.

11 Slightly Horrifying Facts That Will Stop You Biting Your Nails


Oct 19, 2015 ... Back in 2007, Turkish scientists tested 59 people to see whether nail biting had any real effect on transporting bacteria to the mouth.

Stop Nail Biting: Treatments and Causes of Biting Fingernails


Nov 22, 2015 ... WebMD explains the reasons for nail biting and provides tips to help you stop the habit.

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Nail - biting (onychophagia) is a common stress - relieving habit. You may bite your nails in times of stress or excitement, or in times of boredom or inactivity.

Why Do People Bite Their Nails? 6 Things To Know About The Habit


Nov 23, 2015 ... I'm a chronic nail biter, and my parents tried a lot of things to break me from the habit: nail polish so foul that it made me want to be sick, gloves ...

10 Steps To Quit Even The Worst Nail-Biting Habit Once And For All ...


Mar 17, 2014 ... I was a chronic nail-biter for most of my life, and I'm sharing the self-devised ... It became automatic and compulsive: the second my mind was ...

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Dermatophagia is a habit or compulsion of gnawing or eating one's own skin, most commonly at the fingers. Sufferers typically bite the skin around the nails, ...

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To help you stop biting your nails, dermatologists recommend following these ... the presence of hangnails, or other triggers, such as boredom, stress, or anxiety.

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A: Nov 10, 2015 ... First of all it is not a good habit. Nail biting has both physical and emotional consequences. Regularly biting your nails and cuticles can le... Read More »
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Q: Is eating your fingernails nutritionally healthy? | Yahoo Answers
A: Oct 8, 2007 ... But, there are some very good reasons for NOT eating your nails or putting your fingers in your mouth. Nail biting can wear down tooth enamel ... Read More »
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Q: Side Effects of Nail Biting | eHow
A: Side Effects of Nail Biting. Compulsive nail biting is an embarrassing, unsightly habit. People may bite their nails due to obsessive compulsive disorder, drug... Read More »
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Q: Nail Care: What happens to chewed-up fingernails if you swallow ....
A: stomach acid is at pH 1, plenty strong enough to decompose fingernail ( composed of protein ... Related Questions. What are the negative health effects of chew... Read More »
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A: Yes. Its bad for you. When you bite a part of your inner cheek or lips, there is an injury and it has ... to our chagrin, but I think what you have there is a ... Read More »
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