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Much of the state of Florida is situated on a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico , the Atlantic ... A map of Florida showing county names and boundaries ... Miami and other parts of south Florida are the most vulnerable regions in the world ... Several record cold maxima have been in the 30s °F (−1 to 4 °C) and record lows  ...


Articles about various parts of Florida consisting of two or more unique communities as determined by common uses, heritage, etc.


Summary: Florida's Regions. Name. Date. What Is a Region? People divide land into regions in different ways. They use physical features, such as landforms, ...


This Florida travel guide has information about all 8 geographical regions of Florida. ... as shown on the map below. CLICK ON THE NAME OF THE REGION YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ... It is located within 4 of the 8 geographical regions.


Overviews Florida geography, topography, geographic land regions, land areas, major ... The landscape of Florida comprises four geographical land areas:.


Florida's geography and landforms, including information on the Florida Keys, ... The land is divided into four main regions; the Gulf Coast/Atlantic Ocean coastal ...


The Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León landed there in 1513, named the territory .... (2) Organic soils are found in many parts of Florida, particularly in the Lake ... (4) Northern upland soils, from dry sands to well-drained loams, occur in the ...


Introduction to Information on Florida Prison Facilities ... These major institutions ( seven privately run) are geographically grouped into four regions.


Florida's location and climate provide Florida with a unique history, economy, and society. ... Today, Florida has six major geographic regions that historians utilize to describe regions: .... Four hundred species of wild birds are Florida natives.


Florida's highlands are modest in elevation compared with elsewhere in the U.S., but do constitute important topographic features. The major areas are in ...