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The solution to a multiplication problem is called the "product. ... Name of the Answer to a Multiplication Problem · Three Parts of a Multiplication Problem · Math ...

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The product is the result or answer of multiplying the multiplicand by the multiplier . A multiplication problem may be written horizontally such as 6532 * 7 = 45724 ...

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The values you are multiplying are called the factors. The answer in a multiplication problem is called the product. You find the product when you multiply two or ...

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In mathematics, the term 'product' refers to the answer to a multiplication problem. This lesson will define the term in more detail and give some...

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In answer to: What is the answer to a subtraction problem called? I assume you're ... problem called? I assume you're thinking of the result of a multiplication being called a product, and the ... ... Names and Naming · Words.

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Product (mathematics) . The Greek for it is the participle γενόμενον, "what has become, what has come into existence", which I would assume was ...

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The answer to a multiplication problem is called a product..

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the answer to a multiplication problem is a product, the parts multiplied are called factors ... The traditional names for the parts of the formula

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Ask Dr. Math - Questions and Answers from our Archives ... any more, but it simply is the second number in a two-part multiplication problem.

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Learn about real life examples of multiplication word problems. ... In general, multiplication gives the same answer as repeated addition. Problem ... Your Name.

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Quick Answer. The basic parts of a multiplication problem consist of at least two factors that are multiplied together to result in one product. More than two factors  ...

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Although at this level students may not use these names, you can convey the meaning ... In multiplication the numbers you multiply are called factors; the answer is ... relationship between multiplication and division when they solve problems.

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Here are the terms used in equations for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These terms include augend, addend, sum, subtrahend, minuend, ...