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The question of whether everyone sees seven colours in a rainbow is related to ..... normally call blue; his blue is then what we would name blue-green or cyan.

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7 Colours of the Rainbow. rainbow Have you ever seen a rainbow? Sometimes when the sun is shining and it is rainy somewhere at the same time, you can see  ...

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Feb 26, 2013 ... ROY G BIV (think of this as a person's name). Red, orange ... The rainbow have 7 colours which are visible to human sight . But this colours can ...

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The Seven Colours Of The Rainbow. Submitted by Martin1983 on Tue, 01/25/ 2005 - 05:55. Tags: Miscellaneous · Delicious · Digg · StumbleUpon · Facebook ...

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Every rainbow has seven colors beginning with red and ending with violet or purple. To remember the order of ... Like the seven rainbow colors, there are seven Angel colors. Some gifted people ... Human Test + 25 = 34. Hi, my name is Jacob.

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When the Sun is shining and there is rain as well you may see a rainbow in the sky! ... Rainbows appear in seven colors because water droplets break white ...

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The seven colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The acronym Roy G. Biv is often employed by teachers in classrooms as ...

Mnemonic device for the order and the colors of the rainbow


Everybody knows Roy G. Biv, but there are more mnemonics for the order of the colors of the rainbow......

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Jun 20, 2010 ... It's a rainbow colors song. ... There is no pink in the colors of the rainbow kids that are watching this please ... maverick zero 7 months ago.

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The Seven Rays of the Rainbow. Our main source of light on this planet is the sun. We are naturally driven by the energy of sunlight - it provides warmth, growth  ...

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Q: Name the seven colors in a rainbow.
A: red, orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet. Read More »
Source: www.answers.com
Q: Short name for seven colors of rainbow?
A: Prism. Source(s) Just a shot. Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: What name is given to the seven colors of the rainbow.
A: Roy G Biv red orange yellow green blue indigo violet. Read More »
Source: www.answers.com
Q: What are the seven colors in a rainbow?
A: it's red orange yellow green blue purple indigo belongs between blue and purple.. that makes seven roy g. biv red orange yellow green blue indigo violet Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: What is the seven colors of the rainbow?
A: Every colour which exists within the visible light spectrum is present in a rainbow, but the more dominant colours, such are the primary and secondary colours a... Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com