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Names of large numbers


This article lists and discusses the usage and derivation of names of large numbers, together with their possible extensions. The following table lists those ...

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The English names for large numbers are coined from the Latin names for ... (The traditional names thousand and million are retained for n = 1 and 2 and the ...

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Below you will find a list of very large number names up to 10<sup>3000</sup> using the ... to be becoming the standard for very large numbers over a Centillion (10<sup>303</sup>).

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In the Metric system unwieldy small and large numbers can be represented using words. ... Name, Symbol, Description (Short Scale), Description (Long Scale).

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Big Numbers. Check out our page devoted to big numbers, the bigger the better! Have fun learning the names of some very large numbers that you don't often ...

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That depends on whether you know the words for very big numbers, and also two ... The British Names comprise a better system of naming large numbers, ...

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English names of the first 10000 powers of 10. 10 to a power (number of 0's after the 1), Latin power (number of 000's after the 1), prefix cardinal (determines ...

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Have you ever wondered what number comes after a trillion? How many numbers are there in a Vigintillion? Find out ... Names of Very Large Numbers. After a ...

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What large numbers are called. Australian information service - from Australian animals to culture and more. Australian games and greeting cards.

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Feb 5, 2004 ... The names of very large numbers in English. ... In both systems the names of the numbers are constructed with Latin prefixes attached to ...

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The numbers names in USA and Europe. USA (10<sup>3+3n</sup>), UK (10<sup>6n</sup>), DE (10<sup>6n</sup>), SI Prefix, Symbol. 10<sup>-24</sup>, septillionth, quadrillionth, Quadrillionstel, Yocto-, y.

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Ever wonder what a number with 228 zeros after it is called? No? Well who asked you ... Sets of 3 zeros Past 1,000, Name, Number of Zeros. 1, million, 6 ...

Names for large numbers


If you don't read Dutch, don't despair, EVERY possible name for large numbers is listed on the current page. With the exception of rather useless fantasy names ...