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The Roman calendar changed its form several times between the founding of Rome and the fall ..... The fact that the modern world uses the same month names as the Romans can lead to an erroneous assu...

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Origin of the Names of the Months. January: Janus, Roman god of doors, beginnings, sunset and sunrise, had one face looking forward and one backward , ...

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Where do the month names come from? A short description of ...

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The Names of the Months. See also Greek and Roman Mythology. January: named after Janus, the god of doors and gates; February: named after Februalia,  ...

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Find out what months have to do with the Moon, why there are 12 months, and what the month names mean.

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The Names of Months. January: named after Janus, protector of the gateway to heaven; February: named after Februalia, a time period when sacrifices were ...

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Jan 11, 2016 ... Ever wondered how the months got their names? We explain which gods, rulers, and numbers gave us all the months from January to ...

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We hope you enjoyed learning more about the origins of the names of the months of the year! Be sure to check out the following activities with a friend or family ...

A History of the Months / Days and the Meanings of their Names


The original Roman year had 10 named months Martius “March”, Aprilis “April”, Maius “May”, Junius “June”, Quintilis “July”, Sextilis “August”, September ...

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Read about the origins and history of month names, which come from Roman mythology and Latin root words, all explained by The Old Farmer's Almanac.

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Encyclopedia Mythica: Origin of the names of the months


Origin of the names of the months. Only a few names of the month were derived from Roman deities. Most simply came from the numbers of the months or -- in ...

A History of the Months and the Meanings of their Names


Meanings of their Names. A History of the Months January -- Janus's month. February -- month of Februa Intercalaris -- inter-calendar month. March -- Mars' ...

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Calendar Name Origins - Names of Months. January - ME Januari(us), OE Januarius, translation of Latin Januarius, named after JANUS, god of beginnings.