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Namibia is a multilingual country wherein German is recognized as a national language (a form ... German is more widely used than may be assumed by its lack of official status. ... of Namibians, eit...

Germany plans to apologise over 'genocide' in Namibia - Times LIVE


Jul 13, 2016 ... Germany plans to formally apologise to Windhoek for the genocide of ... The joint declaration with the Namibian government can serve as a basis for ... Berlin ruled what was then called South-West Africa as a colony from 1884 to 1915. ... If you have an opinion you would like to share on this article, please ...

Namibia: Story of massacred, silenced and impoverished people ...


Jul 24, 2016 ... Namibia, a country fighting alone against one of the world's most powerful ... Namibia, after Germans left, was controlled by Britain, and then was left to South ... apology, they want to receive reparations that will help develop the lives of the Herero. ... Seemingly, Namibians had lost trust in Germany already.



Along the coastline of Namibia runs the Namib desert, a 1,200 mile long strip of ... two main tribes in the 1840s when the Germans (first missionaries, then settlers, ... and the English or Boer farmers whose support they didn't want to lose. ... His hope was that Leutwein would recognise the injustice and do something about it.

Let's Be Clear: Namibia's Herero and Nama debunk the "single story ...


Nov 9, 2012 ... The Herero were Bantu and lived in the middle of Namibia, the Nama ... Germany , afraid of losing face, sent General Lothar von Trotha with men, .... I'm going to post as many of the six as I can and just hope you get to see ... deeper into German and European history than most people want to acknowledge.

Namibia: Genocide and the Second Reich - Top Documentary Films


Described by the BBC as the story of Germany's forgotten genocide. ... I prefer to look at the similarities than differences; since genocide is genocide no matter how many thousand are murdered. ... I am Namibian, I want to know your point of view, after watching this ... All we can do is move forward and hope for better times.

Namibia, Genocide and Germany: Reinhart Kössler interview - ROAPE


Nov 1, 2016 ... Namibia, Genocide and Germany: Reinhart Kössler interview ... Firstly, can you tell roape.net about your intellectual and political involvement ... Were West German scholars and solidarity activists like yourself connected .... With decades of liberation movements in power this hope has certainly lost its shine.

Genocide: The Namibian Case against Germany - DigitalCommons ...


Lynn Berat, Genocide: The Namibian Case against Germany, 5 Pace Int'l L. Rev. 165 (1993) ... than a century of colonial rule' - first by Germany and then by ... Lessons from Namibia, Hope for South Africa?, 11 CONFLICT 17 (1991); SAMUEL HUNT- ...... On the other hand, I do not concur with those fanatics who want.

German in a contact situation: The case of Namibian ... - CiteSeerX


end of the German colonial rule in Namibia and German subsequently lost its status as ... more influenced by contact than the German generally spoken in Namibia. ... As can be expected in a multilingual country like Namibia, all subjects have at least some ..... (I hope (that) we don't have to wait too long until you come to.

Culture of Namibia - history, people, women, food, customs, family ...


Namibia was colonized by Germany and South Africa and was named ... with 44 percent aged fourteen and under and only 4 percent older than 65. ... Most Namibians speak Bantu languages like Oshiwambo and Otjiherero as ..... and i hope you will update us again with another information regarding our beautiful nation.

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Namibia: Have Germans Finally Acknowledged the Namibian ...


Aug 6, 2015 ... It becomes evident in view of the German atrocities in Namibia that such an argument ... Dr. Schäfer then referred to the statement by Ms. Heidemarie ... Does anybody really believe Germans and Namibians can find a common ... They would all like to avoid having to pay adequate compensation to their ...

Have Germans finally acknowledged the Namibian genocide ...


It becomes evident in view of the German atrocities in Namibia that such an .... genocide in Namibia that allows them to pay some compensation, less than what they ... San and Damara have always known how to remember their lost ones and ..... I hope very much for all of us that this cultural centre in Okakarara will be a ...

Namibian activists want to take Germany to court | Africa | DW.COM ...


May 24, 2016 ... Namibian activists insist on direct negotiations with the German government over the genocide of 1904. The government says no - now the activists want to go to court. ... Nama ethnic groups in the then colony of German Southwest Africa, ... " We do not have any confidence in the German or the Namibian ...