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An atoll sometimes called a coral atoll, is a ring-shaped coral reef including a coral rim that encircles a lagoon partially or completely. There may be coral islands/cays on the rim.

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A ring-shaped coral island is called an atoll. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, an atoll is made up of sections of coral reef that form a closed shape around a ...

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An atoll. ... Narrow ring-shaped coral island? atoll. 1 person found this ... A ring shaped coral island surrounding a lagoon is called an atol. 6 people found this ...

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Atoll: Ring-shaped coral island that surrounds a shallow lagoon. ... Lagoon: A shallow body of water that is separated from the sea by a reef or narrow island.

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May 19, 2015 ... In the Marshall Islands, every single atoll — a ring-shaped coral reef resulting from a sunken volcano — is narrow and barely above the water.

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strait, a narrow passage of water connecting two larger bodies of water ... atoll, a ring-shaped coral island and its reef, nearly or completely enclosing a lagoon.

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Aug 30, 2010 ... An atoll is a ring-shaped island that encloses a central lagoon. ... is usually associated with oceanic islands formed by volcanoes; coral reefs ... an allusion to nine narrow channels on the south-central portion of the island.

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ATOLL: A ring-shaped coral island nearly or quite encircling a lagoon. ..... ISTHMUS: A narrow strip of land connecting two considerable bodies of land. KAME: A ...

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Its 1196 coral islands are ... Almost all atolls are surrounded from a large ring- shaped coral reef. .... blue coral and at one end of the cave is a narrow swim-.

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Mar 8, 2013 ... 320px-Atafutrim The standard should also work for really weird-shaped islands. Consider for example a coral island in the form of a narrow ring ...

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A ring shaped coral island is "atoll". ... Narrow ring-shaped coral island? atoll. 1 person ... What is a ring shape coral islands surrounding a lagoon? An atoll.

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Atoll: A ring-shaped collection of coral reefs that nearly or entirely encloses a lagoon. ... Barrier reef: A long, narrow ridge of coral relatively near and parallel to a ... Eventually, the entire lagoon may be filled in, forming an island that may ...

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The northern islands are atolls (ring-shaped coral islands) while the southern ... Fagraea-Fitchia Forest: Narrow, exposed, windswept ridges below 500 m with ...