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[show]Table of historical debt ceiling levels. Date, Debt Ceiling (billions of dollars ), Change in Debt Ceiling


The federal deficit is the amount each year by which federal outlays in the federal budget exceed federal receipts. But that is not the whole story.


Jan 7, 2015 ... Since President Obama took office, the national debt has increased by $7.4 trillion. On January 20, 2009, it stood at $10.6 trillion; on Monday, ...


Charts and history of US federal government deficit and debt, with links to the numbers. Data from federal budget and Census Bureau.


US National Debt Clock : Real Time U.S. National Debt Clock.


Barack Obama - The national debt grew the most dollar-wise during President Obama's two terms. He added $7.917 trillion, a 68 percent increase, in seven ...


Jan 20, 2015 ... The national debt, which exceeds $18 trillion, is the net of annual deficits ... The White House sent us this chart, which relies on data from the ...


DEFICIT. $693 Billion. DEBT HELD BY THE PUBLIC (End of Fiscal Year) ... between 2.6 percent and 3.3 percent of GDP, down from 3.6 percent in 2017.


Graph and download economic data from 1901 to 2016 about budget, federal, and USA.