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The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is an American non-profit political organization .... in force until United States district court Judge Vaughn R. Walker overturned it in August 2010, in the case Perry v. ...... Walter F. McKee, et al.


Collins v. UNH, et al. Date: December 29, 2011. Docket Number: 10-2316 ...... applied for asylum and withholding o... National Organization For Marr v. McKee


Organization founded to oppose marriage equality has since expanded its mission to attack any measure of legal or societal progress for LGBTQ people.


The National Organization for Women, Inc. (NOW) filed a class action alleging that certain individuals and organizations that oppose legal abortion violated the  ...


National Organization for Marriage. National Organization for Marriage ... Read on NOMBLOG. JOIN US AND HELP PRESERVE MARRIAGE ...


1:30 p.m., Cum-16-305, Timothy A. Davison et al. v. ... 3:10 p.m., BCD-16-429, Ronald A. Boutet et al. v. ... Attorneys: Leanne Robbin, Walter F. McKee ... a business that belonged to Laurel Bamford before the marriage, including the real estate .... The Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) filed a foreclosure action ...


SAIF Corporation; A156170 In the Matter of the Marriage of Kirkland and ... Templeton; 275 Or App 77 (A150421) Federal National Mortgage Association v. ... Medford Police Officers' Association et al; A156297 Wingett, Robert Allen v. ..... Matter of the Marriage of Heil-Frone and Frone et al; A154054 Rivord, Walter Paul, III v.


Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, et al., Respondents, Minnesota ... Kennedy Barber, Defendant, The Professional Association of Treatment Homes, .... Western National Mutual Insurance Company, Appellant, Assurance Company .... A07-757, In re the Marriage of: Anna M. Mailatyar, petitioner, Respondent, vs.


A14-1, Robert W. Weckman, et al., petitioners, Appellants, vs. County of Scott, Respondent. A14-2, In re the Marriage of: Karen Maureen Rye, petitioner, Respondent, vs. ... A14-23, Federal National Mortgage Association, Respondent, vs. Jeffrey D. ...... A14-720, In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of: Charles Walter Bathel.


Quality Loan Service Corp. of Washington, et al., Res. .... Amicus Curiae Washington State Association of Muncipal Attorney's · Answer to .... 71496-1 - In re the Marriage of: Jennifer Brunson, Respondent v. ... Walter Jimerson, Appellant .... Deutsche Bank National Trust, Respondent ..... 70901-1 - Jeffrey R. McKee, App. vs.