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Heat of combustion


The difference between the two heating values ... 10% and 7% respectively, and for natural gas about 11%.

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Combustion and heating values of fuel gases - acetylene, blast furnace gas, ethane, biogas and more - Gross and Net values. ... Natural Gas (typical), 950 - 1,150, 19,500 - 22,500, 850 - 1,050, 17,500 - 22,000. Octane saturated with water  ...

Heat Content of Natural Gas Delivered to Consumers


Heat Content of Natural Gas Consumed. (Btu per Cubic Foot). Data Series: Delivered to Consumers, Total Consumption, Electric Power, Other Sectors. Period:.

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You can use this calculator to obtain the heating value of a given mass or volume of hydrogen or other fuels, or to calculate the mass or volume given a certain ...

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The heating value of a substance is the energy released upon combustion of a substance at standard conditions. The heating value can be measured as energy  ...

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Mar 5, 2010 ... Heat Values of various fuels allowing comparison of different forms of energy. ... Natural gas (UK, USA, Australia), 38-39 MJ/m3, 76, 51 g/MJ.

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FortisBC uses the Higher Heating Value (HHV) of the natural gas in the conversion formula. The Higher Heating Value (HHV) can be defined as the total heat ...

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Dec 18, 2014 ... The higher heating value (HHV) is measured using a bomb calorimeter; ... Thus natural gas has a large difference between the HHV and LHV.

Properties of Natural Gas


Feb 18, 2004 ... Interchangeability with Domestic Natural Gas .... of gas comprised of hydrocarbon components determines the heating value of the gas.

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Table 1: Higher Heating Value (HHV) Of Various Common ... Natural gas, after removal of impurities and ...

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Lower and Higher Heating Values of Gas, Liquid and Solid Fuels


Density. Gaseous Fuels @ 32 F and 1 atm. Btu/ft3 [2]. Btu/lb [3]. MJ/kg [4]. Btu/ft3 [ 2]. Btu/lb [3] MJ/kg [4] grams/ft3. Natural gas. 983. 20,267. 47.141. 1089. 22,453.

Approximate Heating Value of Common Fuels


Approximate Heating Value of Common Fuels. Natural Gas. 1,030 Btu/cu ft 100,000 Btu/therm. Propane. 2,500 Btu/cu ft. 92,500 Btu/gal. Methane. 1,000 Btu/ cu ft.

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Jan 25, 2013 ... Gas engines efficiency is typically quoted based upon the LHV of the gas. ... In the case of natural gas the ratio of HHV to LHV is approximately ...