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Trying Home Remedies ... A roaming dog will take one sniff of your lawn and turn away, but you should keep reapplying the vinegar ... Vinegar can also work as a natural herbicide to kill various weeds.

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Plant flowers and shrubs that repel dogs naturally around the outside edge of the ... odor that dogs don't like, which will help to keep them away from the grass.

13 Natural and Affordable Ways to Keep Dogs Out of the Garden ...


Dec 5, 2015 ... Learn the natural ways to curb them from digging and mess up your garden. ... These spices work not only in keeping the dogs away from the ...

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Anyway, I'm sure it was a home remedy that would be a big help to me. ... I have used ground black pepper to keep dogs, cats and skunks away from my house ...

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If you are searching for advice on how to keep dogs out of your yard, watch this ... They are specifically designed to keep dogs, cats and skunks away from .... More by ChippMarshal: How to Keep Snakes Away From Your House Natural Bed ...

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Whatever the reasons you want to keep a dog away, there are many dog ... To keep dogs off your furniture, clean your floors with an ammonia-based solution.

Natural Products to Stop Dogs From Pooping in the Yard


Oct 9, 2009 ... If you do not want to purchase commercial products, your kitchen may already have natural deterrents that will keep dogs from pooping in your ...

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Mar 31, 2015 ... Dogs are a very popular house pet but they are not always the best things for our garden. There are many natural and organic methods to keep ...

Q: What are some home remedies for keeping dogs off your lawn?


... are all natural home remedies that may help you keep dogs off your lawn. ... However, spices easily get washed away by rain, so this remedy will have to be ...

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Watching a canine desecrate your lawn in any fashion makes it hard to regard dogs as “man's best friend.” The animal is doing what dogs do naturally, and what ...